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Nutrient Management

Plant root system is always in close association with multitude of microorganisms and other nutrients. The microbes in root zone are maintained due to a variety of secretions from the roots and constitute what is often described as ‘rhizosphere’. These microbes in their turn supply nutrients to the soil system through their heterotrophic activity. Maintenance of these microbes in the rhizosphere, therefore, is also necessary for soil health. Crop productivity and nutrient cycles, however, are integral parts of the exploitation of soil health and have led to soil degradation through nutrient depletion and erosion, so that long term strategies are needed to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers without adversely affecting crop productivity. The use of organic manures, composts, Biofertilizers has received increased attention in our cropping systems. Following are the components in Nutrient management system

1. Biodynamic Farming

2. Biofertilizers Technology

3. Composting

4. Vermicompost

5. Coir Compost

6. Panchakavya

7. Dasakavya

8. Effective Microorganism

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