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Organic Farming :: Biodynamic Farming
1 Introduction

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Specific Biodynamic measures have now been in use for more than 65 years. Many farmers and gardeners know their effects from practical experience. Experimental evidence has also been produced, which has added to the available empirical knowledge.

The measures include two groups of specifically fermented substances, which are called preparations. The first group includes 6 different herbal substances; they are numbered 502-507 and are added in small amounts to manures and composts. So they are collectively called as compost preparations.

These numbers are arbitrary, having been chosen by those who first produced the preparations. The second group includes the sprays; they are numbered as 500 and 501. Although not considered one of the eight main preparations, a ninth preparation, sometimes referred to as 508 is made by boiling the horse tail plant and is applied only in excessively wet years to prevent fungal diseases.

Compost preparations 502 – 507

These are a series of preparations made from various medicinal herbs, in such a way as to enhance their inherent qualities. Experience in India and in many overseas countries of using these preparations in composts and liquid manures, has shown that they accelerate the processes of humus formation and as such avoid losses of valuable plant nutrients.

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