Tillage Implements

Chisel Plough

Special Features :
  • Suitable for deep tillage up to a depth of 40 cm for opening hard soil pan

  • Easily operated by any 35 -45 hp tractor

Specifications :
  • Type                         : Mounted implement.

  • Over all dimensions  : 450 x 940 x1250 mm

  • Weight                      : 42 kg.

  • Capacity                   : 1.4 ha per day at a spacing of 1.5 m between rows.

  • Cost of the unit         : Rs. 8500/-

Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough

General information :

The chisel plough has a sturdy but light structure made of 3mm thick hollow rectangular tubular mild steel sections. The implement is simple in construction and has only three components namely frame, standard and share. The share has a lift angle of 20 degree, width of 25mm and length of 150mm. The implement is protected by shear pin which prevents damage from overloading.  

Disc Plough

Special Features:
  • It  is specially used for primary tillage and useful in hard and dry, trashy, stony or stumpy land conditions and in soil where scouting is a major problem.

Disc Plough

Disc Plough

  • Type                         : Tractor mounted

  • Power requirement   : 25-50 hp tractor

  • Weight                      : 236-376 Kg

  • Number of furrows    : 2

  • Disc size                   : 600-800 mm

  • Working depth          : up to 300 mm.


Special Features:
  • It is used for ploughing, seed bed preparation, interculturing and puddling  purposes

  • It is mounted type and is controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor.



  • Type                       : Tractor mounted.

  • Power requirement : 35 hp tractor.

  • Number of tynes     : 9-13.

  • Working depth        : 140-170 mm.

  • Capacity                 : 0.35 -0.5 hectare per hour.

  • Weight                    : 120-30 Kg.


  • It is used in dry as well as wet land cultivation for pulverizing of soil.




Specifications :
  • Type                             : Tractor operated

  • Power source                : 35 or above hp, tractor

  • Working depth               : 1000-2000 mm

  • Weight                          : 280-415 Kg

  • Revolution of rotor shaft  : 210-237 rpm

  • Shape of blade              : L- shape

  • Thickness of blade         : 7-10

  • Diameter of rotar shaft    : 70-90 mm.

Laser Leveller

Function :
  • For leveling and smoothening of soil surface.

Laser Leveller

Specifications :
  • Working width                        :  7 feet Bucket

  • Height                                    : 23n * 27n

  • Body Sheet                            : 8mm Blade 12mm Type 6-6 with heavy hub

  • Double tyre Height Assembly :  9 foot

  • Over all Dimensions               :  9*7*12 foot

  • Hyd. Cylinder                         :  1'4"

  • Operating Voltage                  :  12 volt

  • Laser Range                          :  900 meter(Dia)

  • Cost of the Unit : 3,65,000.

Special Features :
  • Save water upto 50%.

  • Save time upto 50%.

  • Easy Cultivation facility.

  • Save Diesel and Money.

  • Ultimately increased crop yield.

Planting Implements


Function :
  • To dig holes for planting tree saplings.

Specification :
  • Type                      : Screw auger type

  • Power requirement : 8 to 10 hp power tiller

  • Overall dimensions : 400 x 635 x 1635 mm

  • Weight                   : 50 kg

  • Capacity                : x 25 -30 holes per hour



General Information:

It consists of a spiral auger of 225 mm dia and 100 mm pitch actuated by a rack and pinion arrangement. The hand wheel provided at the side of the unit can be used for the depth control. For increased size of holes, replaceable type larger diameter auger bits of 250, 275 and 300mm can be used. A balancing frame attached to the hitch bracket assembly in the rear and a support wheel fitted in the front portion of the unit counter the down suction offered by the auger while digging, ensure easy movement in the field, reduction of drudgery and easy manoeurvability.

Cost of the unit : Rs. 20,000/-
Manufacturer   : TNAU, Coimbatore.

Intercultural Implements

Rotary Weeder

Function :
  • For mechanical control of weeds in orchards.

Rotary Weeder

Rotary Weeder


Specification :
  • Type                        :   Self propelled.

  • Power requirement  :   8.38 hp Diesel engine.

  • Overall dimensions  :   2400 x 1750 x 1100 mm

  • Weight                     :   200 Kg .

  • Capacity                  :    1 - 1.2 ha per day

Cost of the unit: : Rs.  65,000
Salient features :

Useful for weeding between rows spacing is than 45 cm.Attachments like sweep blades, ridger, trailer can be used with the machine.

Mini Power Tiller

Function :
  • For weeding and intercultural operations.

Mini Power Tiller

Specification :
  • Type                       :  Power operated

  • Power requirement :  5.5 HP Diesel engines.

  • Over all dimension  : Blade width- 250 or 300 or 350 mm

  • Ground wheels       : 300 mm diameter

  • Weight                    : 70 Kg

  • Capacity                 : 1 ha per day      

  • Cost of the Unit      : 35,000.

Salient features :

The machine is available with three types of weeding tools including sweep blade, junior hoe and rotary blades.
It can also be used with other attachments. Such as single bottom ridger for forming ridges and furrows in garden land to facilitate sowing of seed.

Plant Protection Implements

Tractor Mounted Sprayers

Function :   
  • For spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers.

  1. Type                       : Tractor mounted

  2. Power requirement:

  3. RPM                       : 1200

  4. Weight                    : 120 Kg

  5. Tank Capacity        : 600,1000,1200,1500 liters

Tractor Mounted Sprayers

Special Features:
  • It is available with tank capacities of 1000, 1200 and 1500 litres and boom widths up to 24m.

  • The compact, close coupled design keeps the sprayer as close as possible to the tractor. 

Power Operated Sprayer


Special Features :          


  • Effective and quick application of pesticides in liquid forms, orchards, banana,field crops, tea, coffee estates and other crops.

  • Dynamically balanced aluminum rotor.

  • Back cushion and padded shoulder straps.

  • Air velocity : 249 ft/sec.

  • 1.2 HP petrol engine.

  • Available with high power HP35.

Knapsack Sprayer

Knapsack Sprayer

  • Sprayer is suitable for orchards, vegetables,banana etc.

  • It also has a larger capacity and is mostly used for commercial applications.

  • The steady pumping of the knapsack sprayer creates a more steady and uniform stream that results in better application of the contents.

  • 6 liters capacity tank moulded from virgin high density polyethylene.           

  • Brass Pressure Chamber and Bottom Well .

  • Sturdy construction and easy operation .

  • Can be operated with left or right hand .

  • Develops sufficient and continuous pressure .

  • Mechanical Chemical Agitator.

Harvest and Post Harvest Implements

Banana Cutter

Banana Cutter

Banana Cutter

  • CIPHET Banana-Comb/hand Cutter will help to maintain smooth cutting curve of banana-comb, there will be no finger damage during cutting (as in case of knife or sickle cutting, some banana-finger getting damaged) and there will be no injury to human by this tool.

  • This tool is suitable for all sizes of banana bunch stems.

  • Manually placing the tool and putting little pressure from top achieves cutting.

  • CIPHET Banana-Comb/hand Cutter maintains smooth cutting curve of banana-comb/hand, with no fruit damage during cutting (as in  case of knife or sickle cutting, some banana-finger getting damaged).

  • One person is required to perform the banana-comb/hand cutting activity with less stress.

  • This tool will save 10 to 15 banana-fingers per bunch (i. e. 2 to 8 % reduction in cutting losses of banana fruits) by using CIPHET Banana-comb/hand cutter.

  • The price of each tool is Rs.200 including packaging and forwarding  charges.

Banana Ripening Chamber

  • Used for ripening of bananas

Banana Ripening Chamber

Special features:
  • Fruit ripening have a 5 day cycle period.

  • These are specially built gas tight rooms having systems for controlling humidity, temperature and concentration of CO2 & Ethylene.

Banana ripening is possible through these methods:
  • By using ethylene generator.

  • By a fully automatic centralized ripening system with Ethylene Gas Cylinder.

  • By a semi automatic centralized ripening system with Ethylene Gas Cylinder.

Vaccum Packaging of Banana

Salient features
  • To  pack and store the banana to delay ripening

  • The vacuum packaged banana can be stored without ripening upto 21 days.

  • No residues of chemicals are found.

  • The quality is not affected.

Vaccum Packaging

Vaccum Packaging


Specification :
  • Power required                     :    0.5 hp for the vacuum packaging machine.

  • Cost of the unit (Approx)       : Rs. 1,50,000 (cost of the vacuum packaging machine)

  • Cost of operation                  : Rs.  15/h

General Information 

Banana ripes in three to five days after harvesting.  Ripening during the long distance transport and export, results in huge post harvest losses.  To delay ripening of fruits, vacuum packaging is one of the methods, where the matured banana hands are packaged and prevented from contact with air/ oxygen.  Using a simple gadget for vacuum packaging, banana can be stored under vacuum. This delays ripening upto 21 days and further ripening is completed with in one week after opening the package.

Banana Harvestor

Banana Harvestor

Banana Harvestor

  • Mechanical harvesting requires the produce must be located at a point where it the inherent rigidity in mechanical solutions can be overcome          

  • The Banana Harvester is based on the principle that when the Centre of Mass is displaced, there is a resultant moment (rotational motion).           

  • Mechanical harvesting is that it removes the bunch without damaging the plant. The stalk can then also be harvested to produce fibre, giving farmers a second income from each plant, and reducing waste caused by discarding the tree.

Clump Remover

Function :
  • To remove  banana clumps

Clump Remover

Clump Remover

Specification :
  • Type                     : Tractor mounted

  • Capacity                : 4 ha / day

  • Cost of the unit      : (approx) Rs.10,000/-

  • Cost of operation   : Rs.500 / ha

  • Salient features     : A tractor operated implement to remove banana clumps.

  • Labour required    : 2 (1 driver + 1 helper).

  • Savings in time      : 85%

  • Savings in labour  : 90%

Processing Implements

Banana Fibre Extracting Machine

    Banana Fibre Extracting Machine

  • It is a simple and efficient machine to extract fibre from Banana stems. It is very user friendly. Anyone can operate it with a training of just 30 minutes.

  • This machine reduces the drudgery of manual extraction of fibre and provides a clean working environment. It will help the workers to produce more fibres and get increased income.

  • The machine consists of a rigid steel frame in which Banana Fibre extracting rotor rotates in the plummer block bearings.

  • Rotor has been fitted with 10 numbers of chromium blades and can be adjusted in any angle.

  • Fibre can be extracted in all types of banana Pseudo Stems, Leaf Stalks and Flower Stalks  

  • During fibre extracting process to clean and remove the musk two stage brushes are provided. These cleaning brushes can be easily removed and cleaned. 

  • 50 kg fibre can be extracted in 8 hrs shift in a day.

  • Maintenance cost is very low.

  • The entire rotating elements are driven by a half H.P. electric motor. So, the electric consumption will be very less.

  • Total weight of the machine is 80 kg.

Banana Peeling Machine

  • For peeling of bananas.

A banana peeling machine in which the skin of a banana is engaged by impinging spikes on the periphery of three resiliently supported rotatable wheels with separating and cutting means adjacent a narrowest gap location to assist the skin being pulled away from the flesh to effect peeling of the banana.

    Banana Fibre Extracting Machine



Power required : 1 HP electric motor
Size of peeler machine : 450 mm ( Length ) X 400 mm (Width) X 875 mm ( Height)
Production Capacity : 250/350Kg per hour
Weigh : approximately 88 kilogram

Special features:
  • Unique and Reliable Design

  • All contacting Parts are Stainless Steel no corrosions hazards

  • Increased production leading to faster return on the investments

  • All Rotating parts are dynamical balanced for less vibration & higher performances.

  • low temperature peeling technology thus the original ingredient cannot destroy.

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