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Technology for Extrusion Cooking of Finger Millets

1. Function                                         : To produce value added products from millets.

2. Specification                                  
   (a) Overall dimension                       :  960 x 750 x 600
         (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                    :  10-20 kg/h
   © Power required                           :   7.5 hp electric motor

3. General Information                      
            Extrusion cooking is a process of value addition of cereals and other grains for the production of the value added products, the extrudates. For the extrusion cooking of finger millet (ragi) flours, a single screw laboratory model extruder is required.  The flour is conditioned to a  moisture content for about 22% (wb), one hour prior to the extrusion.  During conditioning, cassava flour to a level of 20% is added to increase the expansion, crispiness and acceptability.  Extrusion is done at barrel temperature and screw speed  115ºC and 225 rpm, respectively.  

4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)      : Rs.1, 00,000/-

5. Cost of operation                          : Rs.15 per kg

6. Salient features

  • Value addition of finger millets
  • Finds industrial application for finger millet
  • Other millets can also be extruded.


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