Tillage Implements

  • Improved Iron Plough
  • Low Draft Chisel Plough
  • Para Plough
  • Tractor Drawn  Channel Former
  • Tractor Drawn Trencher
  • Tractor Drawn Bed Furrow Former
  • Power Tiller Mounted Terracer cum Leveller
  • Power Tiller Operated Slasher
  • Tractor Operated Pit Digger for Sugar Cane
  • Tractor Operated Rotary Spading Machine

Sowing Equipments

  • Broadcaster
  • Gorru        
  • Bullock Drawn Seed Planter
  • Power Tiller Drawn Cup Feed Seeder
  • Tractor Drawn Cultivator Seed Planter
  • Tractor Drawn Ridger Seeder
  • Basin Lister cum Seeder attachment to Cultivator
  • Improved Broad Bed Former Cum Seeder
  • Power Tiller Air Assisted Seed Drill
  • Tractor Drawn Air Assisted Seed Drill
  • Improved Direct Paddy Seeder
  • Rice cum Daincha Seeder
  • Rice Transplanter- Manual
  • Tractor Drawn Seed cum Fertilizer Drill for Paddy
  • Sugarane Sett Cutter

Weeding & Intercultural Implements

  • TNAU Improved Dry Land Weeder
  • Power Weeder
  • Weeding cum Earthingup Equipment
  • Tractor Operated Multi Row Rotary Weeder
  • Cono Weeder
  • Two Row Finger Type Paddy Rotary Weeder
  • Battery Operated Portable Wetland Weeder

Plant Protection Equipments

  • Battery operated Low Volume Sprayer
  • Foot Wear Operated Sprayer
  • Power Tiller Operated Boom Sprayer
  • Sprayer for Coconut Tree
  • Areca Sprayer
  • Corcyra Egg Scale Separator
  • Knapsack Sprayer

Harvesting and Threshing Machinery

  • Self Propelled Vertical Conveyor Reaper
  • Paddy Repear harvester 
  • Mini Combine Harvester for Paddy
  • Power Tiller Operated Groundnut Harvester
  • Tractor Drawn Groundnut Harvester
  • Impact type Groundnut Stripper
  • Groundnut Thresher
  • Power Tiller Operated Turmeric harvester
  • Tractor Drawn Turmeric Harvester
  • Tapioca Harvester
  • Fodder Sorghum Harvester
  • Maize husk cum sheller
  • Castor Sheller
  • Coconut tree climber (Up, Down)
  • Oilpalm Harvesting Tool
  • Tractor operated Fruit Harvester
  • Mulberry Stem Cutter
  • Power Tiller Operated Lawn Mower
  • Lawn/ Shrub Mowing attachment to Power Weeder
  • Sugarcane Detrasher

Miscellaneous Farm Equipments

  • Hand cum Pedal Operated Chaff Cutter
  • Power Tiller Operated Axial Flow Pump
  • Power Tiller Operated Heavy Duty Auger Digger
  • Coir Pith Applicator
  • Sub Soiler attachment for Stump Removal
  • Banana Clump Removal
  • Cotton Stalk Puller

Commercially Available Machineries/Equipments

  • Tractor Drawn Disc Plough
  • Tractor Mounted Disc Harrow
  • Spring Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Cultivator
  • Tractor Drawn Ridger
  • Post Hole Digger for Plantation 
  • Rotovator
  • Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill
  • Naveen Dibbler
  • Manually Operated Fertilizer Broadcaster
  • Self Propelled Power Weeder (CIAE, Bhopal)
  • Wheel Hoe
  • Hand Operated Sprayers/ Dusters
  • Power Tiller Mounted Orchard Sprayer
  • Hand Rotary Duster
  • Foot Sprayer
  • Improved Sickles of Different Designs
  • Bhendi Plucker
  • High Capacity Multicrop Thresher (CIAE, Bhopal)
  • Power Operated Coconut Dehusker
  • Manual Fruit Harvester
  • Seed Treating Drum

Other Institute Equipments



Threshing/Shelling/Decorticating/Pulping Equipments

  • Areacanut Dehusker
  • Groundnut Decorticator (Power Operated)
  • Groundnut Decorticator (Hand Operated)
  • Sunflower Seed Sheller
  • Cotton Seed Delinting Machine
  • Sorghum Pearler
  • Hand Operated Thresher for Black Pepper 
  • Mechanical Thresher for Black Pepper 
  • Paddy Winnower
  • Maize Husker-cum-Sheller

Cleaning and Grading Equipments

  • Grain Winnower
  • Rotary Sieve Multi Crop Cleaner cum Grader
  • Hand Operated Rotary Type Garbling Unit for Cardamom
  • Peeler cum Washer for Production of White Pepper
  • Pulper cum Washer for Coffee
  • Seed Cleaner cum Grader
  • Groundnut Grader

Drying Equipments

  • Agricultural Waste Fired Mechanical Dryer
  • Fluidised Bed Dryer for Mushroom
  • Continuous Flow Heated Sand Medium Drier

Milling and Extraction Equipments

  • Mini Dhal Mill
  • Dhal Mill cum Wet Grinder
  • Chilli Seed Extractor
  • Tomato Seed Extractor
  • Brinjal Seed Extractor
  • Improved Four Roller Sugarcane Crusher
  • Hand Operated Aonla Seed Remover
  • Sugarcane Crusher

Agricultural Waste Utilization Technologies

  • Compost Pelletizer
  • Briquetting Machine
  • Adhesive from Tamarind Kernel Powder (Tkp)
  • Production of Particle Board From Coirpith
  • Production of Paper Boards form Agricultural Waste Materials

Value Additions

  • Household Paddy Parboiling Unit
  • Cassava Chipper
  • Turmeric Boiler
  • Fish feed Pelletizer
  • Vacuum Packaging of Banana
  • Tehcnology of Production of Tomato Paste
  • Technology for Extrusion Cooking of Finger Millets
  • Packaging of Tomatoes in Corrugated Carton Boxes
  • TNAU Insect Trap
  • Pelletizer for Fish Meal



Solar Energy Gadgets

  • Step Type Solar Dryer
  • Forced Convection Solar Dryer
  • Electronic Temperature Controller for Solar Dryer
  • Solar Tunnel Dryer for Agro Industrial Applications
  • Community Solar Cooker
  • Community (Scheffler) Solar Cooker
  • Solar Box Type Cooker
  • Steam Cooking
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar PV Street Lights
  • Solar PV Home Lights
  • Solar Water Heating System
  • Solar cum Biogas Insect Trap
  • Solar Distillation Plant

Gasifiers Gadgets

  • Rice Husk Gasifier
    Bagasse Gasifier
    TNAU Single Pot Improved Chulha
    TNAU double Pot improved Chulha
    TNAU Noon Meal Improved Chulha (Community Chulha)
    Wood Based Down Draft Gasifier


  • Janata Type Biogas Plant
  • Deenabandhu Model Biogas Plant
  • Community Biogas Plant at Central Farm
  • Solid state Biogas Plant
  • Plug Flow Biogas Plant
  • 10 m3 High Rate Reactor for Cassava Starch Factory Effluents


  • Pilot Plant for Biofuel Production
  • Small Aero Generator (Mini-Wind Mills)
  • Wind Mill Water Pump

Wind Mill



Micro Irrigation and Fertigation

  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • Irrigation Technologies for Rice Crop
  • Water Management Technology Options for Non-Rice Crops
  • Irrigation Technology Options for Various Non-Rice Crops
  • Tank irrigation
  • Plastic mulching for crop production
  • Precision Farming Technologies

On-Farm Irrigation Structures

  • On-Farm Irrigation Structures
  • Lining technology
  • Farm pond and reservoir lining

Water Lifting and Well Development

  • Salt Incrustation Prevention Device for Air-Lift Pumps
  • Improved Foot valves

Watershed Development & Water Harvesting Systems

  • Soil and Water Conservation Technology for Hill Slopes
  • In-Situ Moisture Conservation Techniques
  • Roof and Terrain Water Harvesting System


Drainage Technology

  • Subsurface Pipe Drainage Technology




Rice Transplanters


Field Demonstrations

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