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Dt.31.12.2013: Thai pattam Groundnut and Gingelly will be Remunerative

Dt.24.12.2013: Sunflower Prices to be stable during Rabi Harvest

Dt.24.12.2013: Farmers recommended to Store and Sell Ragi

Dt.19.12.2013: Coconut and Copra prices to be Stable during the Next Two Months

Dt.13.12.2013: Sell Potato on Harvest

Dt.12.12.2013: Nendran Banana Prices to be stable in the Next Two months

Dt.04.12.2013: Sorghum Prices to Remain Stable – Sell upon Harvest

Dt.26.11.2013: Sell Maize upon Harvest

Dt.26.11.2013: Karpooravalli Banana Prices Will Retain Its Consistency

Dt.18.11.2013: Tomato prices to be stable for next one month

Dt.11.11.2013: Price Forecast for Karthigaipattam Crops

Dt.05.11.2013: Red Chilli Price to Rule around Rs.55-60 per kg during harvest

Dt.30.10.2013: Kadaibogam Potato to Fetch Better Prices

Dt.30.10.2013: Training on Value added products from Millets

Dt.23.10.2013: Tapioca will Fetch Good Price in October-November, 2013

Dt.24-09-2013: Store and sell turmeric in October- November

Dt.17-09-2013: Sell Sunflower upon Harvest

Dt.10-09-2013: Store and Sell Small onion

Dt.30-08-2013: Prices of Poovan Banana to be stable 2013

Dt.13.08.2013: Coconut and Copra prices to Increase in September 2013

Dt.13.08.2013: Cotton fetches good price

For further details contact:
Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC), Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore - 641 003.
Phone: 0422-2431405.


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