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Technologies :: Sustainable Agriculture

Projects operated in India

1.SDC-IC Project
 Sustainable Agriculture in the Context of Watershed Interventions – Strengthening NGO’s and Farmer’s Capacities in the Context of ISPWD – K Project
Period: 1-04-2002 onwards ( partially from 1999 itself)
Activities: Integrating Sustainable Agriculture and NRM in the watersheds with three ISPWD-K partners in Gulbarga, Koppal and Bidar districts. The support includes guiding the partners to conduct FFS in pigeon pea and initiate IFS activities.
Collaborators / Donors: Partners of ISPWD-K / SDC-IC

 Developing Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) in KAWAD Watersheds
Period: 2002-2005
Activities: Strengthening of sustainable agriculture component in watersheds in Chitradurga, Bellary and Bijapur districts.
Collaborators / Donors: KAWAD / DFID

3.DPIP- Chittoor
 Poverty Alleviation Through Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Period: 15-06-2002to 31-12-2005 ( presently under abeyance)
Activities: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Chittoor district. 
Collaborators / Donors: DPIP / World Bank

4.LEISA India Project
 Information Exchange of Practical approaches to LEISA 
Period: 2003-2006
Activities: To produce and distribute LEISA India – the India edition of LEISA Magazine; To strengthen the LEISA India consortium in documentation and dissemination efforts. 
Collaborators / Donors: AME Foundation, ILEIA Foundation and LEISA India consortium / DGIS, NOVIB & SIDA

5. Title: Information Sharing on Sustainable Agriculture 
Period: April 2003-March 2004
Activities: To produce and distribute LEISA India – the India edition of LEISA Magazine; To strengthen exchange of information on LEISA; To develop a web site for sharing information on AME, LEISA, NRM and participatory processes.
Collaborators / Donors: AME Foundation and LEISA India consortium / IDRC

6.Title: Towards Improved information sharing on Community development and sustainable Natural Resources Management (NRM) - EU Intersard Asia IT & C project
Period: 2002-2003
Activities: This initiative intends to builds a network of Asian and European partners to share information on best practices and technologies for rural and peri-urban development, and sustainable management of natural resources through a web based information system. AMEF to function as regional hub in South Asia.
Collaborators / Donors: ETC Foundation and Intl. Consortium / EU.

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