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Introduction about CREATE

  Vasanai seeraga samba

Importance of red rice   Seed blessings to farmers or weapons for controlling agriculture and nations

Importance of indigenous rice   Selecting and saving seeds

Saving rice in Kerala, Karnataka,Orisa, West Bengal   Seed Saving System

Baram karuppu an indigenous variety of rice   Kaivara samba

Seeraga samba and sivappu kudabazhai, indigenous rice  

Karungkuruvai indigenous medicinal rice variety

Illuppai poo samba – indigenous medicinal rice variety   Salam sannam, indigenous variety for salem district

Farmers community seed bank   Indigenous variety performance

Cultivation methods
Mr. Bhaskaran organice farming in rice   Govindaraju sugarcane progressive farmer

Mr.Ravi method of cultivation in rice   Mr.Thalapathy organic farming in rice

Mr. Paranthaman method of cultivation in betlevine   Mr.Ramajeyam method of cultivation in turmeric

Mr.Murugesan method of jaggery preparation   Thiru.Sundaram - Bunch Covering

Thiru.Sundaram control of stem weevil in banana   Thiru.Sundaram – Thornless Bamboo Cultivation

Thiru.Sundaram banana cultivation   Mr.Mathiyalagan method of rice cultivation


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