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A panchangam is a Hindu astrological almanac or calendar, which follows traditional Indian cosmology, and presents important astronomical data in tabulated form. It is sometimes spelled Pancanga or Panchanga. It is pronounced Panchanga. It is based upon Jyotisha. 

Panchangas are published in India by many learned authors, societies, academies, and universities. Different publications differ only minutely, at least for a casual or un-trained reader. They forecast celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, forecast weather (rain, dryspells) as well as more mundane occurrences
Panchangam may be said to be a product of astrology, defined as “the divination of the supposed influence of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects Farmers may seek the help of Panchangam for their sowing and harvesting activities
The origin of the almanac can be traced back to ancient Babylonian astronomy, when tables of planetary periods were produced in order to predict lunar and planetary phenomena

Farmers Almanac

FarmersAlmanac provides free long-range weather forecasts along with information for home and garden, astronomy, natural cures and cooking. .” Farmer’s Almanac is a very popular book among American farmers, claiming to give them every day advice on farming, weather, and family and community-related activities


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