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Thalaivasal Market Profile

Market Name Thalaivasal Market
Market Type Wholesale and Retail Market
State Tamil Nadu
Market Infrastructure Facilities The wholesalers have their own shop to store their commodity and cooling center is not available.
Type of Auction Only auction in Banana and Raw According to the demand and supply of the commodities, the whole sellers fix up the rates.
Market Commission Percentage 10 % to 20 % for all commodities
Type of packs Preferred Tomato: Plastic Box
DrumstickBhendi ,Mango: Gunny bag
BrinjalRaddish : Polythene Bags
Cabbage: Plastic Hole Bags
Mode of Payment Cash only
Buyers Profile Retailers, Vendors, Consumers and Regular Customers
Market Working Hours /Holidays 5:00 am to 11:00 am
No holiday
Toll Charges Mini Auto : Rs 2.00 / bag
Lorry : Rs 3.00 / bag
Market loading Charges Rs 5.00 to Rs 10.00 / Bag
Market Unloading Charges Rs 5.00 / Bag
Logistic Details Regular Services for all destination, some buyers use their own vehicle.


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