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(Price Information for Perishable Commodities)

Cochin Market Profile

Market Name Cochin - Ernakulam Market, Basin Road, Ernakulam
Market Type Wholesale and Retail
State Kerala
Market Infrastructure Facilities Approach road, shelter, communication, transportion and labour facilities are available.
Cold storage facilities are available in Fruit stalls.
Type of Auction No auction
Market Commission Percentage

5 % - 10 % for vegetables
8 % for Banana

Type of packs Preferred

Tomato: Wooden boxes.
Potato, Radish and other roots and tubers: Gunny bags.
Snake gourd and Ribbed gourd: Palmyrah baskets. 
Cabbage :See-through Plastic bags. 
Cauliflower: Polythene covers
Mosambi: See-through Plastic bags.
Apple: Carton boxes.
Other Fruits : Plastic crates.

Mode of Payment Through Cash
Weekly payment for vegetables, Daily payment for banana and other fruits
Buyers Profile Retailers, small scale vendors, Hoteliers and consumers
Market Working Hours /Holidays Wholesale: 5.00 am - 2.00 pm
Retailers : Upto 9.00 pm
Sunday holiday
Toll Charges Rs. 3.00 / gunny bag
Rs. 3.50 / big basket 
Rs. 7.00 / gunny bag of 100 coconuts
Rs. 300 / per truck for banana
Market loading Charges To be borne by the buyers
Market Unloading Charges for CITU workers:
Sack weighing upto 50 kg Rs. 250
Bif sack Rs. 5.00
Rs. 3.00 per bag / tray for fruits
Rs. 1000 per truck load in case of banana
Logistic Details Trucks, mini trucks, mini vans and three wheelers are available in plenty; approximately 33 truck loads are arriving/market day, a truck load varies from 10 -18 tonnes


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