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(Price Information for Perishable Commodities)

Bangalore Market Profile

Market Name Bangalore - K.R. Market
Market Type Wholesale and Retail
State Karnataka
Market Infrastructure Facilities Approach road, good shelter, communication, transport, labour facilities, etc.
Type of Auction 4 am to 11 am
Market Commission Percentage 2% from farmers and 2% from buyers
Type of packs Preferred Gunny bags, carton boxes, wooden crates, plastic boxes and wooden boxes
Mode of Payment Cash
Buyers Profile -
Market Working Hours /Holidays 4 am to 6 pm / Holiday (from Saturday 12 pm to Sunday 12 pm)
Toll Charges -
Market loading Charges -
Market Unloading Charges Rs.5.00 - Rs.7.00/bag and Rs.2.00/box
Logistic Details Trucks (upto 10 wheels), Tempo, Auto and Canter


Market Profiles

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