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Bio Technology :: Bioinformatics- Tools for molecular analysis

National Center for Biotechnology Information Accelery studio WELCOME TRUST SANGER INSTITUTE
Mascot search engine Pymol University of Cambridge
Rare Codon Analysis - GenScript Clone manager University of oxford
T-COFFEE Multiple Sequence Alignment Server Vector NTI UnIversity of Manchester
Reverse Complement - Bioinformatics.Org Chemdraw University of Edinburgh
ExPASy Bioiformatics Resource Portal SIGMAPLOT Harvard University
UniProt MESTENOVA European Molecular Biology Laboratory
SWISS-MODEL MEGA Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
Genescript AVAGADRO Bielefeld University Bioinforrmatics Server
Ensembl Schrodinger Mobyle @paesture-
ProDom J-Express University of California- ucRIVERSIDE
PDB Phylip Insitute of System Biology
Protein information source RasMol and OpenRasMol Pazmany Peter Catholic University
SIM4 MolScript National Cancer Institute
MULTALIN pDRAW32 John Hopkins University
MAFFT ApE- a plasmid editor  
GeneMark Plasmid drawing software  
GrailEXP Serial cloner  
Promoter scan CodonW  
SyBIT Partek  
Genome online database Cufflinks  

Updated on October, 2014

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