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The National Dairy Development Board was created to promote, finance and support producer-owned and controlled organisations. NDDB's programmes and activities seek to strengthen farmer cooperatives and support national policies that are favourable to the growth of such institutions.  Fundamental to NDDB's efforts are cooperative principles and cooperative strategies.



  • Cooperation is the preferred form of enterprise, giving people control over the resources they create through democratic self-governance.
  • Self-reliance is attained when people work together, have a financial stake, and both enjoy the autonomy and accept the account ability for building and managing their own institutions.
  • Progressive evolution of the society is possible only when development is directed by those whom it seeks to benefit.
  • In particular, women and the less privileged must be involved in cooperative management and decision-making.
  • Technological innovation and the constant search for better ways to achieve our objectives is the best way to retain our leading position in a dynamic market.
  • While our methods change to reflect changing conditions, our purpose and values must remain constant.

Cooperative Development & Governance


The Dairy Board implements cooperative development and governance programmes across the country.  The aim is to help create self-reliant and professionally managed cooperative institutions, responsive to the economic and social expectations of their members.

In addition to helping build self-sustaining cooperatives, the NDDB is committed to serve its rural constituency by including Women's Development and Leadership Development Programmes as a central part of its activities. Need-based consultancy is provided to help evolve strategies to strengthen dairy cooperatives as well as to increase milk procurement.  

The National Dairy Development Board assists in

Product & Process Technology


As a part of its effort to add value to the business of dairy cooperatives, the Dairy Board identifies, develops, tests and transfers product and process technologies. 

Regional preferences are an important basis, for developing products and their manufacturing processes. In addition equipment has been designed and commercialised for  manufacturing http://www.nddb.org/core_competencies/images/spacer.gifindigenous milk products likeshrikhand, paneer, khoa, lassi, gulab jamun, mishti doi and curd as well as popular western products like ice-creams and cheeses.

In developing process, product and equipment technology, emphasis is placed on maintaining high quality standards.  To check milk quality, test kits have been developed.  NDDB also provides services for analysis of dairy product samples.

NDDB carries out extensive research and development activities in  Biotechnology  aimed at  developing formulations and technologies useful for improving the productivity of  milch animals.  In 1979, the Dairy Board set up an Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Anand to undertake scientific research activiites.  NDDB has expanded  its research activities to include Animal GeneticsAnimal Health and Animal Nutrition for supporting  its Productivity Enhancement programme for dairy cooperatives.

Research & Development  Bio-technology


Equipped with in-house research facilities and managed by qualified scientists, the Animal Health Section of the Laboratory is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for research on Foot & Mouth Disease and Bovine Tropical Theileriosis.

In addition to its ongoing R&D activities,  NDDB offers consultancy services and training programmes to breeding organisations, cattle feed plants, disease diagnostic laboratories, vaccine manufacturing units as well as to national and international government and non-government organisations.  Training is offered in the areas of cytogenetics, molecular genetics, embryo transfer, animal feed formulations, clinical diagnosis, control of parasitic diseases and other related areas of  biotechnology.

Training & Consultancy


In today's increasingly competitive environment, the success of dairy cooperatives depends on their people.  Boards, chief executives, managers, field staff, workers must all match or exceed the competence and commitment of their counterparts in investor-owned organisations.  Supporting cooperatives with technical training and professional expertise has long been an NDDB priority. Over the years, the Dairy Board has developed both the physical infrastructure, the experience, the methods and training skills necessary to fulfill this responsibility.

NDDB offers a variety of  training programmes as well as on-demand  consultancy in various technical and functional areas. The scope of training and consultancy ranges from cooperative institution building to market studies and development, from dairy plant management  to feasibility and impact studies.  Training programmes are designed in-house and are conducted by NDDB personnel who are specialists in the field.

Most training programmes are designed exclusively for cooperative organisations.  Some consultancy services and selected training programmes are also offered to other organisations.

Dairy Cooperatives


Dairy Cooperatives account for the major share of processed liquid milk marketed in the country. Milk is processed and marketed by 170 Milk Producers' Cooperative Unions, which federate into 15 State Cooperative Milk Marketing Federations.

The Dairy Board's programmes and activities seek to strengthen the functioning of Dairy Cooperatives, as producer-owned and controlled organisations. NDDB supports the development of dairy cooperatives by providing them financial assistance and technical expertise, ensuring a better future for India's farmers.

Over the years, brands created by cooperatives have become synonymous with quality and value. Brands like Amul (GCMMF), Vijaya (AP), Verka (Punjab), Saras (Rajasthan). Nandini (Karnataka), Milma (Kerala) and Gokul (Kolhapur) are among those that have earned customer confidence.

Some of the major Dairy Cooperative Federations include:

Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd (APDDCF)

Bihar State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (COMPFED)

Gujarat  Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF)

Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. (HDDCF)

Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (HPSCMPF)

Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (KMF)

Kerala State Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (KCMMF)

Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (MPCDF)

Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Maryadit Dugdh Mahasangh (Mahasangh)

Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (OMFED)

Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (UP) (PCDF)

Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (MILKFED)

Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (RCDF)

Tamilnadu Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (TCMPF)

West Bengal Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd. (WBCMPF)

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 Updated on July 3rd 2013


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