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Farmers Facility Center


Farmers Facility Center is functioning under the Directorate of Extension Education to serve the farming community by transferring the agricultural technologies through single window delivery system.


  • To retail the vegetable seeds, greens seeds, fodder grasses seeds, crop boosters, coconut tonic, tree killer, fungicides and compact discs of technologies to the farmers through single window system.
  • Testing and providing solution to the problems encountered by the farmers in the field.
  • Guiding the farmers to different departments of the TNAU to get answers for farm related queries.
  • To disseminate the information of farm technologies through demonstrations, exhibitions and audio visual shows to the farming community.
  • To facilitate the interaction of progressive farmers with other farmers to improve the status of agriculture.
  • To answer the queries of farmers through telephonic conversation in real time.

Laboratories in Farmers Facility Center:

  1. Soil Testing Laboratory

    To test the acidity and alkalinity of the soil and to test the nutrient deficiencies in the crops at nominal cost and free of cost basis.

    Testing fee

    • pH, EC, Soil texture and available NPK - Rs. 100 / sample
    • Organic carbon - Rs. 75 / sample
    • Available micro nutrients(Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn) - Rs. 200 / sample

Water testing

  • Testing fee : Rs 50/Sample
    (If the EC value is >1, then the elaborate tests were made, for that the testing fees is Rs 250/sample).
  1. Plant Protection Laboratory

    To test, analyse and identify the infestation of pests, pathogens and nematodes and to provide the recommendations for the same.

soil testing lab
plant protection lab

Services Provided

  1. Farmers – Scientist Meet

    Farmers visiting the farmers facility centre can directly interact with the scientists to get information about latest technologies

  2. Exhibitions

    Agricultural technologies are demonstrated and the photos and videos of the technologies are showed to the farmers through audio and visual aids in the farmers facility centre.

  1. Agricultural Inputs Sales Division

    Seeds of vegetables, greens, fodder crops and technological innovations like Crop boosters, Coconut tonic, Tree Killer, fungicides and compact discs of new technologies are available for retail through sales counter of Farmers Facility center.

  2. Farmers Facility center guides the farmers who are visiting Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to meet scientist in various departments.
  3. Farmers Facility Center provides platform for the farmers to interact with achiever farmers to get valuable guidance.
  4. The farmers queries related to agriculture are answered instantly through telephonic conversation from Farmers Facility Center.

Contact Address

Farmers facility Center
Directorate of Extension Education
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Coimbatore -3
Phone: 0422-6611315/6611219

Updated on March 2015


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