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For serving the interests of the farming community, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, under the Innovation in Technology Dissemination component of National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) a series of strategic investments are made to introduce programmes and institutional adjustment at national, state, district, block and village level and operational changes in the methodology in which the extension workers are trained, interact with farmers and communities, communicate information and coordinate with the private sector.

As a part of this strategy, Agricultural Technology Information Centres (ATIC) are established in 40 centres located in ICAR Institutes and State Agricultural Universities for serving the farming community on a 'single window system' concept.


Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) was started during the year 1999 under the National Agriculture Technology Project (NATP) in the Directorate of Extension Education. The Centre provides information on agriculture technologies in addition to providing other inputs like seeds, plant materials, etc. including advisory services through single window system. The ATIC is intended to providing formal management mechanism between the scientists and technology users.


  1. Agricultural Technology Information Centre is functioning in single window delivery system.
  2. To provide agricultural technologies and farm advisory services to the farmers.
  3. To find out the farmers problems in field conditions and provide appropriate solution.


  1. Agricultural Technology Information Centre’s sales counter is opened for the benefit of farmers at entrance of botanical garden of TNAU.
  2. To retail the seeds of vegetables, greens and crop boosters, coconut tonic, tree killer, honey, fungicides and compact discs of TNAU technologies. The availability of above products can be checked in agri-tech portal.
  3. To guide the farmers who comes exposure visit to the university to various departments.
  4. To answer the queries of farmers  instantly through telephonic conversations

For Further Details

Name and address of the ATIC
Agricultural Technology Information Centre
Directorate of Extension Education
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore-641 003, Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 0422-6611315
Email :

Updated on March 2022


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