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Green Maarathan at TNAU

Biennial Workshop - AICRP on Irrigation Water Management organized by WTC , TNAU

Dt. 31.12.2015: State Government sponsored training on Landscaping and Floriculture in TNAU / Photo Gallery

Dt. 30.12.2015: Training on Confectionery products

Dt. 28.12.2015: TNAU to Sequence Crop and Microbial Genomes

Dt. 28.12.2015: Potato Prices will be Stable

Dt. 23.12.2015: Awareness Campaign on Importance of Micronutrients for Crops in TNAU

Dt. 23.12.2015: Seed distribution at Cuddalore

Dt. 22.12.2015: Research Outcome should be converted as Wealth of the Nation - says VC Papua New Guinea

Dt. 21.12.2015: Need for Land Use Inventory for Soil Health Management Stressed / Photo Gallery

Dt. 21.12.2015: University Level NSS Advisory Committee held in TNAU

Dt. 17.12.2015: National Symposium on Spices and Aromatic Crops (SYMSAC VIII) 2015 / Photo Gallery

Dt. 17.12.2015: Dr.B.Ramamoorthy's Memorial Lecture on "Soil Science for S ustainable Agriculture"

Dt. 14.12.2015: Students should become creators – TNAU VC told to the Students

Dt. 12.12.2015: Pest and Disease Forecasting for the Month of December 2015

Dt. 11.12.2015: Training on nematode management under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) by TNAU Scientists

Dt. 11.12.2015: Training on Value Added Products from Amla

Dt. 11.12.2015:Consultative workshop on Setting up Priorities and Functional Modalities for Implementing Agro forestry Policy (2014)

Dt. 08.12.2015: Store and Sell Turmeric

Dt. 08.12.2015:State Government sponsored training on Landscaping and Floriculture in TNAU

Dt. 08.12.2015:Patenting of Bio-Inventions

Dt. 07.12.2015:Skin, Hair and Cosmetology Camp in TNAU

Dt. 07.12.2015:Staff Training Programme on Biogas Technology in TNAU

Dt. 04.12.2015:Training on Commercial Production of Vegetable and Fruit Products

Dt. 07.12.2015:Dengue Fever Awareness Programme at TNAU

Dt. 03.12.2015:District Level Seminar on Soil Health for School Children in TNAU

Dt. 03.12.2015:TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 30.11.2015:NCC Day Celebrations in TNAU

Dt 26.11.2015: Faculty should pay attention to Research: VC TNAU told

Dt 26.11.2015:Rabi Maize Price will Bestable during Harvest

Dt 25.11.2015: Training on ‘Landscaping and Floriculture’ at TNAU

Dt 23.11.2015: Director, CIMAP Visit to TNAU

Dt 23.11.2015: Agri Varsity NSS Volunteers at Orphanage

Dt 21.11.2015: Management techniques for organically grown submerged paddy in Cauvery Delta Zone

Dt 19.11.2015: Training on Organic Agriculture to Tribal Farmers

Dt 19.11.2015: Value Added Products from Millets

Dt 18.11.2015: Tnau signed MoU with World Food Preservation Center, USA்

Dt 18.11.2015: Russian Young Scientists trained at TNAU

Dt 17.11.2015: Dr. K. Ramasamy, Ph.D., assumed as Vice Chancellor, TNAU

Dt 17.11.2015: Kerala Agri University Syndicate Members visits to TNAU

Dt 16.11.2015: Soil Health Awareness Rally at TNAU

Dt 16.11.2015: Free eye camp in TNAU

Dt 13.11.2015: TNAU – SSL – QuizCompetition-2015

Dt 07.11.2015: Pest and Disease Forecasting for the Month of November 2015

Dt 05.11.2015: Students’ Exhibition on Rural Agricultural Work Experience held at TNAU

Dt 02.11.2015: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 31.10.2015: Rastriya Sankalp Diwas observed in TNAU

Dt 28.10.2015: Wild Life Photographic Exhibition inaugurated in TNAU

Dt 27.10.2015: Farmers can take up chilli sowing positively

Dt 21.10.2015: Pearl Millet Sowing will Boost Income of Dryland Farmers

Dt 20.10.2015: Sowing of Coriander will be Remunerative

Dt 20.10.2015: TNAU Students won Gold medal in High Jump in the 29th Tamil Nadu State Junior Open Athletic Championship

Dt 20.10.2015: Value Added Products from Amla

Dt 16.10.2015: National Level Foodxplore Symposium in TNAU

Dt 15.10.2015: Future of India is in Hands of Youth – says Agri Varsity Dean

Dt 12.10.2015: Pest and Disease Forecasting for the Month of October 2015

Dt 09.10.2015: Training on Preparation of Ready - to - use products

Dt 05.10.2015: Behold Moral Values and Revive Gandhism says Agri varsity Dean

Dt 05.10.2015: Value Added Products from Millets

Dt 01.10.2015: Root knot nematode-an emerging problem in pomegranate

Dt 30.09.2015: Inauguration of DST-21 days Training programme on “Geospatial Technologies”

Dt 30.09.2015: Emerging Nematode Problem in Guava

Dt 30.09.2015: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 29.09.2015: Refresher Course in TNAU

Dt 23.09.2015: Sell Sorghum Immediately after Harvest

Dt 25.09.2015: Service and Young Blood are inseparable – says Agri Varsity VC

Dt 18.09.2015: Training on Preparation of Spice Powders and Pickles


Dt 14.09.2015: ECOFEST’15

Dt 12.09.2015: District Level Green Brains’15 Kids Contest in TNAU

Dt 12.09.2015: Kadaibogam Potato Price will be Stable during Harvest

Dt 11.09.2015: Pest and Disease Forecast for the Month of September 2015

Dt 09.09.2015: TNAU Students Secure International Fellowships

Dt 08.09.2015:Religious Stigma Stands a Barrier to Eye Donation – says Ophthalmologist

Dt 07.09.2015: Visit of Hon’ble Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan to TNAU

Dt 04.09.2015: African Extension Functionaries Visit to TNAU

Dt 03.09.2015: Training on Value Added Products from Tomato and Papaya

Dt 02.09.2015: Sell Sunflower Seed upon Harvest

Dt 01.09.2015: Drip Irrigation in Rice – An Innovative Practice by Farmer got Award

Dt 01.09.2015: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 31.08.2015: TNAU Students Organized a Public Awareness Event

Dt 28.08.2015: Store and Sell Small Onion

Dt 26.08.2015: Weather based agro report in regional level

Dt 24.08.2015: U.S. Ambassador Richard Verma’s Remarks at TNAU

Dt 23.08.2015: Ecofest Marathon in TNAU

Dt 23.08.2015: For Engagement Column on 23-08-2015

Dt 22.08.2015:Blood Donation Camp at TNAU

Dt 22.08.2015: For Engagement Column on 23-8-2015

Dt 21.08.2015: Green Maarathan at TNAU.pdf

Dt 19.08.2015: Thiruvalluvar Day

Dt 19.08.2015: VACANCY AS ON 19.08.2015

Dt 18.08.2015: Inauguration of ECOCLUB in TNAU

Dt 17.08.2015:5 Percent Growth Rate in Agriculture in Tamil Nadu – says VC, TNAU

Dt 16.08.2015:For Engagement Column on 17-8-2015

Dt 15.08.2015:TNAU Celebrates the 69th Independence Day

Dt 14.08.2015:Training on Value Added Products from Amla

Dt 13.08.2015:Students Eco Club in TNAU

Dt 11.08.2015 : Peasants Exposed on Technical Know- Hows for Multifold Yield in Sugarcane

Dt 08.08.2015:36th Annual Convocation in TNAU

Dt 07.08.2015:Cultural Programmes for NCC students in TNAU

Dt 06.08.2015:Third Phase Counseling VACANCY AS ON 06.08.2015

Dt 06.08.2015:National Level Symposium “ECOFEST’15” in TNAU

Dt 06.08.2015:A lecture on “Soil health” in commemoration of International year of Soils-2015 was held in TNAU

Dt 05.08.2015:ICAR Summer School to be held in TNAU

Dt 04.08.2015:Republic Day NCC Selection Camp at TNAU

Dt 31.07.2015:TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 29.07.2015:TNAU Pay Homage to Kalam

Dt 22.07.2015:PG Entrance Exam was held at TNAU.pdf

Dt 21.07.2015:Nendran will get Better Price; Prices of Poovan and Karpooravalli would be Stable

Dt 20.07.2015:UG Admission - Second Phase counsling

Dt 17.07.2015:TNAU gets All India Coordinated Project for Special Research in Food Quality and Nutrition

Dt 17.07.2015:Training on Value Added Products from Amla

Dt 16.07.2015: Sustaining e-Velanmai _TNAU Model_ in Tamil Nadu

Dt 15.07.2015:Quality Turmeric will Fetch Good Price

Dt 14.07.2015:Price Forecast for Aadipattam

Dt 13.07.2015:TNAU sign MoU with Arya Vaidya Pharmacy to Promote Medicinal Plant Cultivation

Dt 10.07.2015:Signing of MoU for Developing Safer Pest Control Technologies

Dt 09.07.2015:TNAU Developed more Crop Boosters to improve yield, Growth and Quality of Crop

Dt 09.07.2015:Vocational Counselling - UG Admission

Dt 07.07.2015:TNAU UG Admission 2015-16 Counseling - - C17 & C18

Dt 06.07.2015: JTNAU Student Ranks Top in JNU-DBT Combined Entrance Examination

Dt 06.07.2015:TNAU UG Admission 2015-16 Counseling - C15 & C16

Dt 05.07.2015: TNAU UG Admission 2015-16 Counseling - C13 & C14

Dt 04.07.2015: TNAU UG Admission 2015-16 Counseling - C11 & C12

Dt 03.07.2015: TNAU UG Admission 2015-16 Counseling - C9 & C10

Dt 03.07.2015: Wealth of Information Hidden in the Millets should be unearthed - Says TNAU VC

Dt 02.07.2015: UG Admission Status

Dt 01.07.2015: TNAU Foundation Day and Open Distance Learning Day Celebrations

Dt 30.06.2015: UG Admission Second Day Counseling

Dt 29.06.2015: UG Admission First Day Counseling

Dt 29.06.2015: UG Admission Counseling started

Dt 25.06.2015: e-Velanmai Act as a Problem Solver for Farmers – says TNAU VC

Dt 23.06.2015: TNAU Students Secured First Rank in ICAR்

Dt 22.06.2015: Yoga gives good physical and mental health-says yoga and naturopathy doctor

Dt 20.06.2015: TNAU published Rank List for UG admission

Dt 20.06.2015: Post Graduate Admission 2015-16 Notification at TNAU

Dt 16.06.2015: Post Graduation Courses available in ODL

Dt 13.06.2015: Training Seminar for Entrepreneurs for coconut processing inTNAU

Dt 12.06.2015: Reduce the Cost of Cultivation with Integrated Crop Management Says APC

Dt 11.06.2015: Training on Value added products from Millets

Dt 08.06.2015: Scientists urged to use social media for technology delivery

Dt 08.06.2015: Snake bite and snake safety awareness programme in Agri Varsity

Dt 05.06.2015: TNAU observes World Environment Day

Dt 05.06.2015: Training on Value Added Products from Tomato and Papaya

Dt 05.06.2015: Kharif Sorghum Price will be Flat

Dt 04.06.2015: Hill Grown Tapioca Price may Decline

Dt 03.06.2015: Fundamental Studies and Practicality of Biological Control of Crop Pests Stressed – VC say

Dt 03.06.2015: Seasonal rainfall forecast for Southwest monsoon, 2015 for different districts of Tamil Nadu

Dt 03.06.2015: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt 01.06.2015: TNAU Signed MoU for Betterment for Students

Dt 01.06.2015: Awareness Programme to School Children


Dt 27.05.2015: TNAU NSS Special camp at Kinathukadavu Village

Dt 25.05.2015:TNAU NSS Special Camp Launched at Sokkanur

Dt 15.05.2015: Training Program on Self Management – Through Personal Profiling

Dt 15.05.2015: Nematode Management in Crops Innovative Initiative of TNAU

Dt 14.05.2015:Training on Value Added Products from Amla

Dt 08.05.2015: Demonstration of Turmeric Processing Equipments

Dt 04.05.2015: Social Scientists should do research on impact of farm scheme in Tamil Nadu

Dt 30.04.2015: 36th Annual Convocation in TNAU

Dt 29.04.2015: Melia Park Established in Agri Varsity

Dt 28.04.2015: TNAU UG Admission Press meet (29.04.2015)

Dt 20.04.2015: Special Forecast for Farmers of Tamil Nadu

Dt 17.04.2015: Coconut and Copra Price will be Stable

Dt 15.04.2015: Coconut and Copra Price will be Stable

Dt 09.04.2015: Industrial Internship Programme at TNAU


Dt 06.04.2015 : Social Service League Celebrated at TNAU

Dt 30.03.2015 : HIV AIDS Awareness programme at TNAU

Dt.27.03.2015: The Interactive meet invited Plethora of suggestions from Organic Farmers

Dt 22.03.2015 : World Water Day celebrated at TNAU

Dt 22.03.2015 : TNAU launches Consortium of Industrial Agroforestry

Dt 20.03.2015 : A Consortium to improve Green Cover of Tamil Nadu

Dt 19.03.2015 : Quality Consciousness and coordinated efforts would promote Spices Production – Says VC

Dt 18.03.2015 : TNAU Scientist bagged TNSC Award

Dt 17.03.2015 : Self Defence Programme for Women at TNAU

Dt 11.03.2015 : TNAU Scientist bagged Tamil Nadu Young Women Scientist Award-2013

Dt 11.03.2015 : MoU Signed between TNAU and Coimbatore Golf Club

Dt 07.03.2015: ‘Fellow Award’ to TNAU Scientist

Dt 07.03.2015: TNAU Celebrated Womens’ Day

Dt 06.03.2015: Farmer Fecility Centre at TNAU

Dt 06.03.2015: Press Note - National Seminar on Spices under the mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture

Dt 05.03.2015 : "Inception Workshop” of the IDRC

Dt 04.03.2015 : TNAU Scientist bagged award for Excellence in Research Endeavours

Dt 02.03.2015 : Science triggers enthusiasm for students to explore – says Director, SBI

Dt 27.02.2015 : World Soil Day 2015

Dt 23.02.2015 : TNAU NSS Volunteers Exhibiting their Social Responsibility

Dt 18.02.2015 : Dengue awareness drive by TNAU NSS Volunteers

Dt 11.02.2015 : TNAU invites to Curl on Book Reading through Mega Exhibition

Dt 02.02.2015 : Free eye camp in TNAU Hospital

Dt 27.01.2015 : 66th Republic Day - VC Address

Dt 02.01.2015 :TNAU signs Agreement with Russia – Joint project for setting up of biomass based Biorefinery

Dt 02.01.2015 : Southern Regional Agricultural Fair & State Level Farmers’ Day 2015

Dt 02.01.2015 : TNAU NSS Officer wins in essay competition

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