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Dt. 22.12.2014: Calculate & Digitalize Farming System Models - Vice Chancellor, TNAU

Dt. 18.12.2014: Microbiology and Virological Science will have Done Future

Dt. 09.12.2014: TNAU Scientist bagged ISA Fellow Award for his meritorious scientific acumen

Dt. 06.12.2014: Soil Testing Indispensable for Lucrative yield, says VC, Gandhi Gram Rural Institute

Dt. 05.12.2014: The Teach and taught share the Intellectual Platform Overseas

Dt. 03.12.2014: ICAR Winter School training at TNAU

Dt. 03.12.2014: Earn While Learning Programme at TNAU

Dt. 01.12.2014: Capacity Building for excellence in job says Director AIM

Dt. 22.11.2014:TNAU is Conferred with Overall Excellence Award from FICCI

Dt. 21.11.2014:Children’s Day Celebrated at TNAU

Dt. 12.11.2014:55th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologist of India, Emphasized the Sinaquon of invisible Microbes

Dt. 12.11.2014:Fertilizer use efficiency the viable alternative for crop productivity – says Registrar, TNAU

Dt. 11.11.2014:AMI – 55th ANNUAL CONFERENCE

Dt. 11.11.2014:External Ph.D. Admission 2015-16 Notification at TNAU

Dt. 10.11.2014:Dengue Fever Awareness Programme at TNAU

Dt. 08.11.2014:6th Indian Horticulture Congress- Governor Speech

Dt. 08.11.2014:National Conference on “Green fuels from Biomass: Biorefinery approach

Dt. 07.11.2014:Renewable Energy the Viable Option to Mitigate Energy Crises, says VC

Dt. 07.11.2014:Agricultural Technology awareness cycle rally by NSS Volunteers

Dt. 05.11.2014: 6th Indian Horticulture Congress 2014

Dt. 03.11.2014: Aids Awareness rally at TNAU

Dt. 01.11.2014: Unity run observed in TNAU

Dt. 25.10.2014: Need to asked Research must be given Special Impetuses – says Vice- Chancellor, TNAU

Dt. 20.10.2014: Handwashing promotes healthy human resources

Dt. 20.10.2014: National Conference on “Green fuels from Biomass: Biorefinery approach”

Dt. 16.10.2014:TNAU Trap technology in Uttar Pradesh

Dt. 15.10.2014:Nehru Yuva Kendra to Conduct a Week long Refresher Training for Y outh

Dt. 14.10.2014:Learning rescue operations is essential for life saving during disaster

Dt. 14.10.2014:Change in lifestyle imminent need of the hour

Dt. 13.10.2014:SSL – Quiz Competition-2014 at TNAU

Dt. 13.10.2014:Rain Water Harvesting Rally at TNAU

Dt. 13.10.2014:Visit of IAS Probationers

Dt. 09.10.2014:Mass Cleaning Drive, initiated by TNAU

Dt. 09.10.2014:Awareness Programme on Schemes of Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA)

Dt. 29.09.2014:A National Level Food Xplore Symposium at TNAU

Dt. 29.09.2014:NSS Day 2014 and Eye donation awareness programme

Dt. 24.09.2014:Food Explore '14 at TNAU

Dt. 23.09.2014:NSS develops good leaders – says NSS Coordinator, Karunya University

Dt. 17.09.2014:Legal Education must for all Students – says Senior Civil Judge

Dt. 15.09.2014:Hard work ever pays-says commissioner of income tax to student volunteers

Dt. 11.09.2014:Social Entrepreneurs interact with TNAU Vice-Chancellor

Dt. 11.09.2014:Millets and Pulses are the harbingers of Food and Nutritional Security

Dt. 06.09.2014:Announcement For Farmers

Dt. 05.09.2014:Interactive Meet in TNAU for Credit Linkages and Strengthening

Dt. 04.09.2014:Drawing Competitions at TNAU to exploring inmate ability

Dt. 03.09.2014:Potato, Beetroot and Carrot Fetches Better Price during Harvest

Dt.02.09.2014:Students' Exhibition on Rural Agricultural Work Experience held

Dt. 26.08.2014:Farmers Scientists Meet

Dt. 15.08.2014:TNAU celebrates the 68th Independence Day

Dt. 13.08.2014:Dengue Fever Awareness Programme in TNAU

Dt. 12.08.2014:TNAU inked MoU with MHRD to boost food production using microbes

Dt. 11.08.2014:Being Eco friendly

Dt. 11.08.2014:Blood Donation Camp at TNAU

Dt. 07.08.2014: Annual Convocation in TNAU - 26.08.2014

Dt. 05.08.2014:Small millets a potential crop to address the nutritional insecurity

Dt. 04.08.2014: Price forecast for Adipattam vegetables –Tomato, Brinjal and Bhendi

Dt. 28.07.2014:Canada – India Research Partnership Yielded Technology for Mango

Dt. 25.07.2014:African Agricultural Scientists visited TNAU

Dt. 23.07.2014:A unique opportunity for Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

Dt. 21.07.2014:Green Brains’ 14 in TNAU

Dt.19.07.2014:Minister Calls for Innovative Methods of Farming for Rejuvenating Agriculture

Dt.17.07.2014:Rejuvenating the Official Procedures a Robust Office Culture Work

Dt.16.07.2014:Synergy of Science, Political will and Farmers Toil are the Green Revolutionary Symphony

Dt.15.07.2014:21 days training program on 'Geospatial technologies in Agriculture'

Dt.15.07.2014:TNAU Photo Gallery

Dt.10.07.2014:TNAU UG Counseling - 8 th Day

Dt.08.07.2014:TNAU UG Counseling - 7 th Day

Dt.07.07.2014: MoU signed between TNAU & J & J Media Solutions for Certificate Course on Multi-Media th Day

Dt.05.07.2014:TNAU UG Counseling - 6 th Day

Dt.04.07.2014:TNAU UG Counseling - 5 th Day

Dt.02.07.2014:TNAU UG Counseling - 3rd Day

Dt.02.07.2014: TNAU 44th Foundation Day

Dt.30.06.2014: TNAU UG Counseling - 1st Day

Dt.27.06.2014: MOU signed between PGP College & TNAU

Dt.26.06.2014: Post Graduate Admission 2014-15 Notification at TNAU

Dt.26.06.2014: The Counseling for Under Graduate Admission (2014-15) is scheduled to be held on June 30, 2014 (Monday)

Dt.23.06.2014: MoU signed between Imayam Institute and TNAU for ensuring quality education

Dt.23.06.2014: Crusading for the Noble Cause by TNAU Students

Dt.20.06.2014: TNAU students can set out to Australian Journey

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