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For the purpose of giving training to the staff and sericulturists, the Government Sericulture Training School was established at Hosur during 1973.
During the year 2005-2006, Sericulture Training School was registered under TamilNadu Societies Registration Act 1975 with a change in the name as, “ TamilNadu Sericulture Training Institute”.
Both on-campus and Off-campus training courses are conducted by the Institute based on the requirement of trainees to department staff and farmers.

Courses offered at TamilNadu Sericulture Training Institute.

  1. Productivity Improvement Training (Bivoltine crops) – for Dept. staff
  2. Mulberry Cultivation Techniques & Integrated Pest Management for    Mulberry Diseases & Pests
  3. Young age Silkworm Rearing Techniques
  4. Late age Silkworm Rearing Techniques
  5. Silkworm Diseases & Management
  6. Training to Bivoltine Sericulturists – under Part –II scheme
  7. Training to New Sericulturists – under CDP scheme

Courses offered at Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute , Mysore

  1. Bivoltine Silkworm Rearing – for Dept. staff
  2. Pest and Disease Management – for Dept. staff
  3. Silkworm Race maintenance – for Dept. staff

 Courses offered at Silkworm Seed Technological Laboratory, Kodathi - Bangalore

  1. Commercial Bivoltine Seed Production Techniques – Grainage staff
  2. Seed cocoon handling    and loose egg production- for Grainage staff
  3. Acid treatment – for Grainage staff
  4. Egg preservation schedule – for Grainage staff

Training Programme for Women Sericulturists

The Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore is organizing various Human Resource Development Programme for the women Sericulturists – under SERI TECHNOLOGY COMPLEX FOR WOMEN – in collaboration with Department of Science & Technology and Department of Bio-technology, Govt. of India. The following Training Programmes are fully sponsored and the participants are provided To & Fro charges with free boarding and lodging.


Name of the Training Course

Duration (Days)


Integrated Nutrient and Disease Management in Mulberry – by eco- friendly approach



Young age Silkworm Rearing



Composite Silkworm Rearing



Integrated Pest and Disease Management – an eco-friendly approach with Bio-pesticides, Bio-fungicides and Botanicals



Value addition to By-Products at Sericulture Industry by better Resource Management



Drudgery reduction through Ergonomically Sound Appliances / hand tools



Silkworm Seed Production



Training on Mechanization Sericulture

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