Sericulture Technology :: Activities


  1. Mulberry Expansion
  2. Silkworm Seed Production and supply
  3. Cocoon Production
  4. Raw Silk Production
  5. Employment Generation.
  6. Government Anna Silk Exchange, Kancheepuram
  7. TANSILK, Kancheepuram

The operations of the Anna Silk Exchange has stabilised the silk reeling industry and has encouraged more investment in the reeling industry by  private entrepreneurs. This can be seen by the increasing transactions in the cocoon markets.  It has also eliminated middlemen such as financiers and commission agents and has been able to establish a direct link between the producers and the consumers of silk in Tamilnadu

TANSILK purchases raw silk of the silk reelers through the Anna Silk Exchange at Kancheepuram and supplies to its twister members for further process of twisting.  Such twisted silk (Ready silk) is purchased from the twisters and supplied to the silk handloom weavers’ co-operative societies, Khadi and Sarvodaya Sanghs according to their requirements. . TANSILK is also expected to buy all the silk coming to the Anna Silk Exchange that is not bought by the regular buyers. Thus it provides support to the reeling industry of the State.

The farmers will be motivated to plant high yielding mulberry varieties like V1, S36, to raise productivity and increase returns.

Details of V1 mulberry seed availability will be informed to farmers and extension staff will assist farmers to plant high yielding mulberry variety.

The farmers will be trained to take up bivoltine Sericulture and they will be supplied with CSR hybrid layings.

The Sericulture Quality Clubs will be provided effective sprayers to take up proper disinfection.  Each club will be provided with a compressor type sprayer to take up disinfection for successful crop harvest. This will spread the message on proper disinfection to avoid crop failures.

The quality club members will be taken to progressive areas where the farmers practice innovative technologies developed by Research institutions for skill development.

The Silk reelers will be trained for skill upgradation in processing and preservation of by-products for value addition.

In order to take up bivoltine technology the farmers will be trained by conducting awareness meets on requirements, and exposure visits to learn bivoltine sericulture practices.

Women members’ participation is more in sericulture activities and they will be provided with assistance under various programmes such as cultivation of high yielding mulberry variety, training in bivoltine crops, installation of drip irrigation system, construction of separate rearing houses and procurement of improved rearing equipments.

Necessary assistance will be provided to oppressed classes namely SCs / STs / BCs / MBCs for their economic development through Sericulture.

Assistance will be provided for adopting water saving technology like drip irrigation.

The details of assistance to be provided to the farmers and reelers under various schemes are furnished below:-


Sl. No Name of the Scheme Scheme Components Assistance proposed per Beneficiary


Hill Area Development

a) Sapling subsidy


b) Rearing Shed


c) Supply of basic rearing Appliances



Western Ghat
Development Programme

a) Sapling Subsidy


b) Basic rearing appliances





Catalytic Development Programme


a) Installation of Drip Irrigation System



b) Construction of separate rearing house for increased cocoon productivity


c) Procurement of Improved rearing equipments



All Schemes

Supply of layings

Layings will be supplied on cost basis

All new farmers planting mulberry during the financial year are eligible for availing the financial assistance, as well as technical guidance provided by the Department of Sericulture. The farmers and reelers may approach the Assistant Inspector of Sericulture of the Technical Service Centers concerned or the Assistant Director of Sericulture of particular jurisdiction / District for any assistance or information

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