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Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Harvesting can be done 75 days after transplanting. First two picking yield green chilli and subsequently yield red ripe fruits.


  • Varieties : 2 - 3 t/ha of dry pods or 10 - 15 t/ha of green chillies.

  • Hybrids: 25 t / ha of green chillies.

Market information

Crop Growing districts

Ramanathapuram (samba), Thoothukudi (gundu), Sivagangai (samba), Virudhunagar (samba), Tirunelveli (samba)

Major markets in Tamil Nadu

Virudhunagar, Chennai, Ramanad, Paramkudi,

Grade Specification

i) Dry Chilli
 Well dried -12 % moisture
 Big size
 Bright red colour without white chillies
 Uniform size
 Length - 1.5-2 inches
ii) Green Chilli

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