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Capsicum (Sweet pepper / Bell pepper)
Capsicum annuum ; Solanaceae

Nursery : 3 cents /ha
Treat the seeds with of Carbendazim @ 2 g /kg of seed and sow in lines across the bed at a spacing of 2.5 cm and then cover with top soil and then paddy straw. Watering with rose can has to be done daily. On 20th day of sowing, 300g of carbofuran 3G granules have to be applied in between the seedling lines across the bed, the soil has to be stirred and then the beds are irrigated.

Protected nursery

  • Prepare the nursery area of 3 cents with slanting slope of 2 % for the seedling production to cover 1 ha.
  • Cover the nursery area with 50 % shade net and cover the sides using 40/50 mesh insect proof nylon net.
  • Form raised beds of 1 m width and convenient length and place HDPV pipes at 2m interval for further protection with polythene sheets during rainy months.
  • Mix sterilized cocopeat @ 300 kg with 5 kg neem cake along with Azospirillum and phosphobacteria each @ 1 kg. Approximately 1.2 kg of cocopeat is required for filling one protray. 238 protrays (98 cells) are required for the production of 23,334 seedlings, which are required for one hectare adopting a spacing of 90 x 60 x 60 cm in a paired row system.
  • Sow the treated seed in protrays @ 1 seed per cell.
  • Cover the seed with cocopeat and keep the trays one above the other and cover with a polythene sheet till germination starts.
  • After 6 days, place the protrays with germinated seeds individually on the raised beds inside the shade net.
  • Water with rose-can everyday and drench with 19:19:19 @ 0.5% (5g/l) at 18 days after sowing.
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