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Capsicum (Sweet pepper / Bell pepper)
Capsicum annuum ; Solanaceae

Preparation of field
Plough the field to a fine tilth. Form ridges and furrows 45 or 60 cm apart. Transplant 40-45 days old seedlings at 30 cm spacing.

Irrigation at weekly or 10 days interval.

Weed control
On 30th day, hoeing and weeding has to be done once and the plants are earthed up.

Growth regulator
Spray 1.25 ppm Triacontanol (12.5 mg /10 l of water) on 20th, 40th, 60th and 80th day after transplanting. Spray NAA 10 ppm (10 mg/l of water) on 60 and 90 days after planting.

Application of fertilizers
Apply FYM 25 t/ha and NPK 40:60:30 kg /ha as basal and 40 kg N/ha each on 30, 60 and 90 days of planting as top dressing.


Powdery mildew: Spray wettable sulphur @ 2g /l

Dieback and fruit rot: Spray Mancozeb @ 2g /l

Harvest and yield
Harvest fully matured green fruits before ripening. Yield: 15 tonnes/ha in 150-160 days.

Field bed preparation
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