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Solanum melongena L.


Well drained soil rich in organic matter with pH of 6.5-7.5.

Season of Sowing

December – January and May – June.

Nursery bed preparation

Thirty days old brinjal seedlings of desirable variety/hybrid are used as scion and grafted on fifty five to sixty days old Solanum torvum seedlings by cleft grafting method.

Rootstock - Non bitter Solanum torvum
Scion - COBH 2
Method of grafting - Cleft grafting
The grafted plants are to be placed in the mist chamber for 15 days and in the shade net for 15 days for hardening.

 Apply FYM 10 kg, neem cake 1 kg, VAM 50 g, enriched super phosphate 100 g and furadon 10 g per square metre before sowing. Area required for raising seedling for planting 1.0 ha is 100 sq.m.

Brinjal planted soil

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