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Solanum melongena L.

Field preparation

  • Thoroughly prepare the field with the addition of FYM @ 25 t / ha and form ridges and furrows at a spacing of 60 cm.

  • Apply 2 kg / ha of Azospirillum and 2 kg / ha of Phosphobacteria by mixing with 50 kg of FYM.

  • Irrigate the furrows and transplant 30-35 days old seedlings at 60 cm apart on the ridges.


  • The established grafts are to be planted in the main field at a spacing of 1.0 x 1.0 m.
  • Varieties : 60 x 60 cm
  • Hybrids : 90 x 60 cm


Mulch with black LDPE sheets of 25 micron thickness and bury both the ends into the soil to a depth of 10 cm.

Weed control

Apply Pendimethalin 1.0 kg a.i. / ha or Fluchloralin 1.0 kg a.i / ha as pre-emergence herbicide, followed by hand weeding once at 30 days after planting.

Mulching in Brinjal field
Hand weeding in Brinjal field

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