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Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench.)

Arka Anamika, Arka Abhay ,Parbhani Kranti and Varsha Uphar

COBhH 1, COBhH 3 and Bhendi Hybrid CO 4

Bhendi hybrid COBh H 1:

It is a cross between Varsha Uphar selection and PA 4 (T). It has resistance to yellow vein mosaic virus disease with high level of market preference.The fruits are dark green, slender, less fibrous and sparsely pubescent. Yields about  22.1 /ha under normal conditions.

COBh H 3 :

Slender, dark green colour fruit, yield 25.7 t ha-1, 25-29 fruits per plant, Resistance to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV) disease.


CO.2 (1987):

It is a F1 hybrid between A.E. 180 x Pusa Sawani. Fruit surface is less hairy with a better consumer’s appeal and market preference. Fruits are very long with7-8 ridges.It has a yield potential of 15-16 tonnes/ha in 90 days

CO. 3 (1991)

It is a F1 hybrid between Parbhani Karanti x MDU.1.Yields about  16-18 tonnes/ha. Moderate resistance to Yellow Vein Mosaic disease
Bhendi Hybrid CO 4:

BHD 9 / Karamadai local, 110 days duration, yield 25.60 t/ha, 19.6 and 23.1% increase over COBhH1 and Sakthi respectively 32.40 t/ha; Suitable for all the districts of Tamil Nadu except hilly regions; 22 harvests in 110 days starting from 39 days after sowing; resistant to bhendi Yellow Mosaic Virus disease.


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