Horticulture :: Nursery techniques



1. Establishment of nursery

2. Nursery Structures

3. Management of nursery

4. Cost of development of ornamental nursery

5. Pro tray Technique

  • There has been an increasing demand for horticultural crops more particularly fruit and ornamental ones in both urban and rural areas of India.

  • With this, the demand for good quality planting materials has gone up and hence the nursery business has developed rapidly in the recent years in our country.

  • Nursery product is no longer restricted to orchards or large parks and gardens.

  • It has entered into high rise buildings, offices, factories, business houses, hospitals, hotels, backyards, roadsides in cities, roof tops, etc. for decoration purpose.

  • Heavy demand is observed during festive seasons and seasons of fairs and melas.

  • Ornamental nursery business has, therefore, come up in a large scale in areas near city and towns


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