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Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
:: Safety and Quality contract

Safety and Quality contract

Person who wants to work in the laboratory, should sign a contract where he/she confirms that he/she has understood the contract which shall be in the following forms:
1. I will always follow instructions and guidelines given by the technical staff.
2. I will make the appropriate records to fulfil the demands of the log-book, including any quality control parameters mentioned in the log-book. 
3. I will clean fume hoods, lab space, glass wares and equipment used at the end of each lab session.
4. I will identify and use the correct method of disposal for different types of waste and make sure that the waste receptacles are properly labelled.
5. I will follow good laboratory practice, including returning materials to their correct locations, proper care and handling of equipment.
6. I will always use a lab coat inside the laboratory.
7. I will use protective glasses when I am working with acids, bases and other corrosive chemicals.
8. I will plan and finish my work in the laboratory within normal working hours 9:00 – 17:30 (Monday-Friday). I will have a valid pass signed by my supervisor and laboratory in-charge if I have to work in the laboratory outside normal working hours and will   follow the instructions given on my pass.
9. I will report any injury or a mishap immediately to my instructor and the person responsible for the room.
10. I will ensure closing of taps and switching off power points at the end of my work.

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