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Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
:: Safety Measures

Safety Aspects

  • All laboratory staff should be well versed and responsible for proper functioning of all the safety equipments and personal protective wares.
  • Do not keep more chemicals in the laboratory than necessary for the ongoing work. Store the rest in a safe place.
  • Always wear safety shoes, laboratory coats and safety glasses. Eating, drinking and smoking should be prohibited in the laboratory.
  • Ensure that safety devices and precaution manuals are easy to find.
  • Take care of fire extinguishers, fume hoods, chemical spill kit, eye washes and other safety devices. Always have a first-aid kit ready in the laboratory.
  • Used liquids/chemicals should be disposed off in a proper way. Follow the procedure precisely.
  • Don’t work alone in the laboratory.
  • Check analytical procedures if they are not clear, especially while working with organic liquids which may be dangerous.
  • Be careful with power supply, gas cylinders and heating equipments.
  • Work as much as possible in a fume hood and always add acid/base to water.
  • Don’t try to catch falling glassware. Remove and replace broken glassware.
  • Instruct new laboratory persons in detail.
  • Laboratory staff should undergo an annual medical examination.
  • Safety procedures should be displayed as poster in the laboratory.
  • Some training for laboratory staff is necessary for handling emergencies.

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