Forestry Journals






1 Indian Forester
2 Indian Journal of Forestry
3 Journal of Forestry
4 Silvigenetica
5 Tree Crop Journal
6 Journal of Agroforestry System
7 Agroforestry Today
8 Tropical Forest Science
9 Journal of Forest Science
10 Agroforestry of Wasteland
11 Canadian Journal of Forestry
12 Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
13 Indian Journal of Environmental Protection
14 Ecology Environment and Conservation (Indian)
15 Down to Earth (Indian )
16 Climatic Change Through Springerlink
17 Nature Through Journal Site
18 Pollution Research (Indian)
19 Tree Ring Research Through Journal Site
20 Vaigyanik (Hindi) (Indian)
21 Vatavaran (Indian)
22 Vayu Mandal (Indian)
23 Water Resources Research Through AGU
24 Vallarum vellanmai (Tamil)
25 Vivasaya malar (Tamil)
26 Pasumai vighudan (Tamil)
Other Life Sciences
1 Advances in Space Research Through ScienceDirect
2 Aerosol and Air Quality Research Through Journal Site
3 Aerosol Science and Technology Through journal site
Through Informaworld
4 Annales Geophysicae OR
5 Annals of the National Association of Geographers, India (Indian)
6 Atmosfera Through Ejournal
7 Atmosphere Ocean Through journal site
8 Atmospheric Environment Through Sciencedirect
9 Atmospheric Research Through Sciencedirect
10 Australian Meteorological Magazine Through Journal Site
11 Boundary Layer Meteorology Through Springerlink
12 Bulletin of A.M.S. (Membership) Through A.M.S.
13 Climate Dynamics Through Springerlink
14 Climate Research Through journal site
15 Current Science Through journal site
16 Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Through ScienceDirect
17 Deep Sea Research Part II:Tropical Studies in Oceanography Through ScienceDirect
18 Deccan Geographer (Indian)
19 Dendrochronologia Through Sciencedirect
20 Dynamics of Atmosphere and Ocean Through Sciencedirect
21 Earth and Planetary Science Letters Through Sciencedirect
22 Electronics for you (Indian)
23 Environment Science & Engineering (Indian)
24 Everyman's Science (Indian)
25 Geography and You (Indian)
26 Geophysical Research Letters Through Journal Site
27 Geospatial Today (Indian)
28 GIS India (Indian)
29 Global and Planetary Change Through Sciencedirect
30 Holocene Through Journal site
31 Hydrological Sciences Journal Through journal site
(Free access 1956-2002)

Through IAHS (2003 onwards)
32 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Through journal site
33 Hydrology Journal (Indian)
34 IASLIC Bulletin (Indian)
35 Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development (Indian)
36 Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (Indian)
37 Indian Science Abstracts (Indian)
38 International Journal of Climatology Through Journal Site
Through Interscience
39 International Journal of Remote Sensing Through Journal site
Through Informaworld
40 Journal of Aerosol Science Through Sciencedirect
41 Journal of Agrometeorology (Indian)
42 Journal of Applied Hydrology (Indian)
43 Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology Through A.M.S.
44 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology Through A.M.S.
45 Journal of Atmospheric Sciences Through A.M.S.
46 Journal of Climate Through A.M.S.
47 Journal of Earth Systems Science Through journal site
48 Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres Through Journal Site
49 Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans Through Journal Site
50 Journal of Hydrometeorology Through A.M.S.
51 Journal of Indian Geophysical Union (Indian)
52 Journal of Indian Ocean Studies (Indian)
53 Journal of Industrial Pollution Control (Indian)
54 Journal of Marine Research Through Ingenta
55 ICES Journal of Marine Science Through Journal Site
56 Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan Through jstage
57 Journal of Meteorology
58 Journal of Oceanography Through Journal Site
59 Journal of Physical Oceanography Through A.M.S.
60 Journal of Weather Modification Association
61 JOSH Journal of Spatial Hydrology Through Journal Site
62 Measurement Science and Technology Through Journal Site
63 Mausam (Indian)
64 Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts
65 Meteorological Applications Through Journal Site
Through Interscience
66 Meteorologische Zeitschrift Through Ingenta
67 Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics Through Springerlink
68 Monthly Climatological Data for the World
69 Monthly Weather Review Through A.M.S.
70 Ozone Data for the World
71 Palaeobotanist (Indian)
72 Progress in Oceanography Through Sciencedirect
73 Pure and Applied Geophysics Through Springerlink
74 Quarterly Journal of Royal Meteorological Society Through Journal Site
Through Interscience
75 Quarternary Research Through ScienceDirect
76 Radiocarbon Through Journal site
77 Radio Science Through AGU
78 Resonance Through journal site
79 Review of Geophysics Through Journal Site
80 Science Through journal site
81 Scientific American
82 Seagull (Indian)
83 Solar Geophysical Data (Available Online only) Through journal site
84 Tellus - A Through Blackwell-synergy
85 Tellus - B Through Blackwell-synergy
86 Theoretical & Applied Climatology Through Springerlink
87 TIDEE (Global Environment Review) (Indian)
88 Transactions of Institute of Geographers (Indian)
89 Weather Through Journal Site
Through Interscience
90 Weather and Forecasting Through A.M.S.
91 Weather wise Through Journal Site
92 WMO Bulletin

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