Nursery Technologies

Pongamia pinnata

Family Leguminoseae
Common/Tamil Name Pungan
Fuel (Calorific Value) 4600 Kcal/Kg (Fuelwood)
Fodder Not Suitable
Other Uses Bark fibre, seed soil (Non-edible but buringing, lubricant etc.) Pest control with dried Pongamia leaves. Erosion check with surface root systems. The leaves are used as manure.
Seed Collection time March- May
No. of Seeds per kg 500
Viability Upto 6 months
Germination percentage 80%
Seed Treatment Not essential.
Nursery Technique
  1. The pods are broken carefully without damaging the seeds and the seeds are sown first in a mother bed. Then prick out seedlings with initial germinative vigour (50% culling), can be dibbled in poly bags also.
  2. Direct seed sowing in the plantation is often successful. Sowing seed in the field directly or in polypots in March to August is advisable.

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