Nursery Technologies

Hardwickia binata

Family Leguminoseae
Common/Tamil Name Anjan /Acha, Karacha, Malaiathi, Ura
Fuel (Calorific Value) Good; 4900 Kcal/Kg
Fodder Leaves excellent 8.96% protein on dry matter basis.
Other Uses Timber, Posts, fibres for ropes also resins.
Seed Collection time February – May
No. of Seeds per kg 3500
Viability Upto one year
Germination percentage 50%
Seed Treatment Not required. Clipping the wings of samara before sowing facilitate early germination
Nursery Technique Seeds sown in May-June, lightly covered by soil. Germination in 20 days. Constant weeding essential. Planting of seedlings raised in poly bags after a year.

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