Nursery Technologies

Eucalyptus tereticornis

Family Myrtaceae
Common/Tamil Name Mysore gum or Red gum.
Fuel (Calorific Value) 4700 - 4800 Kcal/ dry Kg
Fodder Unsuitable
Other Uses Pole, timber, Pulp, mine reclamation and Charcoal
Seed Collection time September - December
No. of Seeds per kg 3,57,000 - 30,00,000
Viability More than 2 years
Germination percentage 90%
Seed Treatment Not essential
Nursery Technique Seeds are germinated in mother beds during January - March. Pricking to poly bags when 2-4 leaves are out. For raising nursery in poly bags, Red soil is preferred. Increasing the frequency of watering will result in rapid growth. Super phosphate 1 gm/bag of size 13 x 25 cm, Urea 0.2gm and 0.15gm Potash (200 gm urea, 150 gm Potash per 1000 bags) may be applied at the time of pricking out. After 45 days Urea and Potash at the above dose may be applied. The seedlings are planted when the seedlings height are 25 cm - 30 cm.

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