Nursery Technologies

Ailanthus excelsa

Family Simaroubaceae
Common/Tamil Name Maharukh / Pimaram, Pinari, Peru.
Fodder Leaf is lopped for fodder.
Other Uses Wood which is soft and white is used for packing cases and to make good match splinters.
Seed Collection time March - June
No. of Seeds per kg 15000
Viability Six months or Jess; should be used fresh as far as possible.
Germination percentage 10%
Seed Treatment Germination can be improved by removing the wrap on the seeds.
Nursery Technique Fresh seeds are sown in May - June in light and porous soil, in raised beds with good drainage. The seeds germinates in 15 days. Regulated watering is necessary as excessive water produces damping off diseases. Regular weeding is essential. Lack of weeding leads to large scale mortality. The seedlings attain 15-23 cm in first growing season. The seedlings can also be raised in container. The trees of this species is invariably invaded by Loranthus parasite.

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