Nursery Technologies


The decentralised nurseries can be established by farmers, SHGs, State Forest Development Corporations, forest based industries, NGOs, etc.



The nurseries should plan to produce healthy plants covering timber, fuel, fodder, fruits, non-wood forest produce and even ornamental species having good demand in the locality. Besides this the prevailing agro-climatic conditions in the area should also be taken into consideration while selecting the species.



An area of 0.25 ha. has been considered for a viable nursery wherein 1.25 lakh seedlings can be raised. The size of the nursery may be increased according to the borrowers category, capacity and demand for planting material. The nursery should be on a gently sloping land to ensure proper drainage. Site preparation will be done by ploughing and hoeing the land. Initially the nursery will be raised in mother beds and will be pricked out in polypots. It should have water as a perennial source to ensure adequate supply in hot weather and to reduce costs. The shape will be rectangular and would measure 100m x 25 m.

Ten seed polybeds would be raised of 10m x 1m i.e. 10 sq m. The number of polybeds required at this stage is at 1:12 ratio i.e. 12 polybeds for each of the primary/seed polybeds. The 1.25 lakh seedlings will be raised in a total of 120 polybeds (1000 seedlings per polybed) of which 1.20 lakh seedlings would be raised in polybags and remaining 5000 will be naked rooted seedlings.

The seedlings will be hardened in the nursery by reducing the water supply over a period of time and exposing them to sunlight over different durations. This would make them capable of facing adverse weather conditions once they are transplanted onto the field. The nurseries are temporary in nature and are of five year duration. During the summer months, shading may be provided by using polythene sheets or shading nets. Bamboo mats can also be used for providing shade. Protection measures may be taken like fencing the area with barbed wire.

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