Expert System For Sugarcane


  1. Sugarcane planter
  2. Tractor Operated Pit Digger for Sugar Cane Planting
  3. Sugarcane Sett Cutter
  4. Sugarcane Detrasher
  5. Sugarcane Crusher
  6. Sugarcane Intercultivator
  7. Earthing up Ridger
  8. Sugarcane Stubble shaver
  9. Ratoon Manager
  10. Weeder
  11. Rotavator
  12. Sugarcane harvester
  13. Sugarcane bud chipper

I. Sugarcane planter:

This is a tractor mounted machine and can be drawn by any tractor of 35 hp. This can be lifted or lowered by the hydraulic system of the tractor.

Cane planting includes

  • Planting of sugarcanes in two rows.

  • Opening of furrows at a spacing of 75 cm.

  • Cutting of cane into 37 cm. long setts

  • Placement of setts in the furrows

  • Droping of fertilizer below the setts

  • Dispensing the insecticide solution over the setts

  • Covering the setts with soil and providing light compaction to minimise sett and soil moisture loss


Irrigation water saving:20- 30%

Seed Saving:40%

Fertilizer Saving:40%

Full yield of Wheat and sugarcane is obtained.

The cost of operation per ha in case of this equipment will be in the range of Rs. 2000 as compared to Rs. 7000 manually. Machine costs approximately Rs.85,000

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2. Tractor Operated Pit Digger for Sugar Cane Planting:


For digging pits


i. Type : Mounted implement

ii.Power requirement : 35 – 45 hp tractor

ii. Capacity : 250 to 300 holes / hour

General Information

Cost of the unit (Approx) : Rs.85000/-

Cost of operation : Rs.300 / hour:

Saving in cost : 63%

Saving in time : 97%

Salient features

Dig two pits of 90 cm dia simultaneously at 1.5 m interval to a depth of 30 cm suitable  for planting sugarcane setts

Planting of cane in 1.5 x 1.5 m spacing with pit method favours higher cane yield

Recommended as technology package under drip fertigation system for cane

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3. Sugarcane Sett Cutter:


For cutting sugarcane sett with single bud


i. Type : Motor operated

ii.Capacity : One  sett / second

iii.Cost of the machine (Approx) : Rs.2750/-

General Information

Cost of the unit (Approx) : Rs.85000/-

Cost of operation : Rs.300 / hour:

Saving in cost : 63%

Saving in time : 97%

4. Sugarcane Detrasher


For  de-trashing  the sugarcane leaves


i. Type : Manual operated

ii. Cost of the unit (Approx) : Rs.200/-

iii.Cost of operation : Rs.900 / ha

Salient features

Labour requirement is less

Easy for handling

Reduced cost of de-trashing

Used for all varieties of cane

Also removes the sprouted buds

Easy collection of de-trashed leaves

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5. Sugarcane Crusher


Extraction of juice from sugarcane


Type : Horizontal type 4 roller crusher

Test Results

Suitability for crops : Sugarcane

Capacity : 185 kg/h

Power requirement : 5 hp electric motor

Labour requirement : Two

Shelling extraction : 65%

Cost of equipment : Rs 11,000/-

6. Sugarcane Intercultivator:

This newly developed intercultivator, has two sets of tynes with three tynes in each set. This can be hitched to the heel-adjusted tractor. It can be run on the field 40 days after planting to remove the weeds in between the crop in two rows. The escaped weeds and other large dicot weeds within the rows can be removed by engaging minimum labour. The improved intercultivator can cover an extent of over a hectare in a day. Its shovel-shaped tynes help in uprooting the deep-rooted tubers of the monocot weeds, which is not possible with hand held spades or hoes.

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7. Earthing up Ridger

Function :  For making ridges and earthing up the sugarcane field.

Cost of the equipment : Rs.15,000/-.

The performance of an earthing up implement, which can be run in between the crop rows to cover the nutrients applied as first top dressing on the 40th day of planting. This tractor-drawn implement consists of two heavy body ridgers fitted to a strong frame. When the crop is nearing 80 to 90 days of age, a second top dressing is done, and the same implement can be used again for full earthing up of the plants. This labour-saving implement can cover an area of 1.2-1.6 ha/day. The furrows are uniformly deep, and it facilitates uniform flow of irrigation water in the field.

8. Sugarcane Stubble shaver:

It is a single row stubble shaving with the field capacity 0.26 ha /h. It consumes 3.5 liters diesel per acre. It helps in better ratoon emergency in sugarcane.

It is tractor operated sugarcane stubble shaver. It can be attached to any type of tractor with 35 hp powers. The whole unit can be easily attached through tractor three point linkages. The innovation can cut single row in a pass whereas the swinging blade type shavers can cut two rows in a pass but it will give the superficial cut. The cost of the attachment is about Rs.15,000/-.

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9. Ratoon Manager:

Ratoon manager is a tractor drawn implement mounted on a 3 point linkage driven by the PTO. This is a combination of Stubble shaving, off-baring and harrowing. If required, fertilizer & pesticide applicator can also be provided as an optional. Ratoon manager will be the best if the field preparation (Ridges and Furrow) is done with tractor and suitable for different row spacing. It shaves the stubbles evenly and the off-baring helps to trim the roots. Harrowing promotes better aeration and water penetration to rejuvenate and induce the growth of the sugarcane.

10. Ridger cum Weeder:

The ridger-weeder is unique as it does both weeding and earthing-up in a single operation in sugarcane crop. There is a saving in cost and time by more than 60 per cent. The cost of implement is Rs.75,000
Hence, in crop rows of 1.5 m normal spacing, the implement can be very easily used without damaging the crop. The soil is cut up to 22.5 cm depth and is lifted up on the wing board on each side. The lifted soil is thrown on both sides. The tractor is moved in `alternating field machine pattern' in the field by going from one end of the field in one direction between first and second row. The machine can cover about 0.8 ha per hour depending upon soil type.

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11. Rotavator:

Rotavator, unlike traditional implements can produce a seed bed with one or two passes. The tractor/rotavator combination can commence cultivation much sooner after rain than traditional drawn implements. It is most suitable for Sugarcane stubble removal, eradication of rhizomes.

Product Specification

1. Supporting chassis: tractor

2. External dimensions (L X W X H): 11500×2500×5900mm

3. Power: 191KW(260HP)

4. Productivity:  min30T/h

5. Row spacing: min1.4m

6. Length of cane part: 200-300mm

12. Sugarcane combine harvester:

Range of application:

Plan, Mountain area, Hill, Dry field.


1. Loading sugarcane, wood, and other agricultural use.

2. Loading sandy soil, stone and other construction use.


  1. Lifting high, loading height can reach 4.25m; it can meet all truck loading sugarcane needing.
  2. High-power, mate with four cylinder 260hp engine.
  3. It is well established for its flexible operations with wide base tire, full hydraulic transmission and steering.
  4. It can harvest 1.2 ha/day ie., 20 tone/hr.

Main Technical Parameter

  1. Operating weight (Kg):3600
  2. Rate load (kg):1200
  3. Static load (kw):2400

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13. Sugarcane Bud Chipper:

Function: Remove the buds from cane.

Machine details:

It is floor-mounted and equipped with a knife with a semicircular edge to surgically cut out the buds. The machine, priced at Rs. 600. The unit allows the user to be comfortably seated on the ground and continuously feed the cane with the left hand, while swinging the right arm in a smooth arc to cut the sugarcane buds using the ergonomic spring loaded handle. The machine requires no power or fuel to run it, weighs a few kilograms making transport easy. The scope of this equipment lies beyond just removing buds from the cane.

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