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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Angoumois grain moth or Grain moth: Sitotroga cerealella
Host range: Paddy, maize, jowar, barley and wheat (rarely). 
Symptoms of damage
  • Larvae damage grains, adults being harmless.  
  • Grains are hollowed out.
  • It attacks both in fields and stores.
  • In stored bulk grain, infestation remains confined to upper 30 cms depth only.
  • Caterpillar enters the grain through crack or abrasion on grain.
  • It feeds inside and remains in a single grain only.

Identification of the pest

  • Egg - White eggs on the surface of damp grains in stores or fields, which soon become red.
  • Larva - White with yellow head.
  • Pupa - Pupates in cocoon inside the grain.
  • Adult - Dirty yellowish brown with narrow pointed wings completely folded over back in a sloping manner.


Larva Adult

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