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Lesser grain borer/Hooded grain borer/paddy borer beetle: Rhyzopertha dominica
Host range: Paddy, rice, wheat, maize. 
Symptoms of damage
  • Grubs and adults cause damage and are voracious feeders.
  • Adults reduce the grain kernels to mere frass.
  • Grubs eat their way into the grain or feed on the grain dust and are capable of attacking grain externally.

Identification of the pest

  • Egg - Eggs are laid on the surface or on the interstices of cereal grains singly or in clusters.
  • Grub - White, apodous with brown head, free living upto 3rd instar.
  • Pupa - Grub enters the grain after 3rd instar for pupation.
  • Adult - Brown to blackish beetle, head is deflexed down wards below prothorax to such an extent that it is almost hidden in a dorsal view. Antenna clubbed with large loose three segments.

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