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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Khapra beetle: Trogoderma granarium

Host range: Wheat, maize, jowar, rice, pulses, oil seeds and their cakes.
Symptoms of damage

  • Adults are harmless. Grub damages the grain starting with germ portion, surface scratching and devouring the grain.
  • It reduces the grain into frass.
  • Excessive moulting results in loss of market value due to insanitation caused by the cast skin, frass and hair.
  • Crowding of larvae leads to unhygienic conditions in warehouses.
  • Damage is confined to peripheral layers of bags in bulk storage.

Identification of the pest

  • Egg - Eggs are laid on the grains or crevices.
  • Grub - Grub is straw coloured with dark brown hairy bands on each segment and typical posterior tuft forming a tail of long hairs. It is active, move and feed freely.
  • Pupa - Pupation takes place on the surface of the grain in bulk and overlapping edges of bags.  
  • Adult - Reddish brown, convex, oval in shape with practically no distinct division of head, thorax and abdomen. Abdomen size is comparatively larger.
Adult Grub

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