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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Indian meal moth: Plodia interpunctella

Host range: Maize, cereals, dry fruits, groundnuts and cereal products.

Symptoms of damage
  • Larva causes serious damage to ear and grain of maize; contaminates the grain with excreta, cast skins, webbings, dead individuals and cocoons; prefers to eat the germ portion and hence grains lose viability.
  • It feeds superficially but may construct more than one silken tunnel.
Larva Pupa Adult

Identification of the pest

  • Egg: Greyish white with granular surface, laid indiscriminately at night.
  • Larva: Transparent, dirty white, skin is granular with hairy body.
  • Pupa: Straw coloured, changes colour to greyish with age, in silken cocoon.
  • Adult: Forewing basal half silver white or greyish, outer 2/3 portion is reddish copper bronze lustre with irregular bands

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