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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Fig or Almond or Warehouse moth: Ephestia cautella

Host range: Wheat, rice, maize, jowar, groundnuts, spices.

Symptoms of damage

Larva feeds on germ portion leaving the rest of the kernel undamaged. 
In bulk infestation its damage is limited to peripheral top layers only. 
Web formation covers the bags, floor-space and mill machinery thereby leading to clogging in mills.

Identification of the pest

Egg: Eggs are laid in grains exposed at the sampling tube spots in jute bags.

Larva: Greyish white, hairy with dark brown head with 2 dark areas on the first segment behind the head.

Pupa: Spins silken cocoon at the time of pupation.

Adult: Dirty white to greyish in colour with indistinct black bands


Larva Adult

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