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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Rice moth: Corcyra cephalonica 

Host range: Rice, jowar, other millets, whole cereals, cereal products, pulses, processed products of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, nuts, dry fruits and milled spices.

Symptoms of damage

  • Larva is only responsible for damage.
  • It contaminates food grains with frass, moults and dense webbing. 
  • In whole grains, kernels are bound into lumps upto 2 kg
Larva Adult
Identification of the pest
  • Egg: Small, oval, elliptical laid on wall, bags or on grain.
  • Larva: Creamy white has prothoracic shield.
  • Pupa: It webs silken shelter before pupation. In case of heavy infestation cocoons may be seen sticking to the grain bags. Cocoon dense white and tough.
  • Adult: Pale buff brown colour, forewings pale yellowish green and grey white hind wings.

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