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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Saw toothed grain beetle: Oryzaephilus surinamensis
Host range: Rice, wheat, maize, cereal products, oil seeds and dry fruits.
Nature of damage 
Adults and grub cause roughening of grain surface and off odour in grain. 
Grains with higher percentage of broken, dockage and foreign matter sustain heavy infestation, which leads to heating of grain.
Grub Adult

Identification of the pest

Egg: Whitish eggs laid loosely in cracks of storage receptacles or godowns. 
Grub: Grub is slender, pale cream with two slightly darker patches on each segment. 
Pupa: Full grown grub makes protective cocoon like covering with sticky secretion. 
Adult:: Narrow, flattened, thorax having six teeth like serrations on each side. Antenna clubbed. Elytra cover abdomen completely.

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