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Crop Protection :: Storage insects and their management
Rice weevil: Sitophilus oryzae, S. zeamais, S. granarius

Host range: Wheat, rice, maize, jowar, paddy.
Symptoms of damage

  • Both grub and adults cause the damage.
  • Grains are hollowed out; kernels are reduced to mere powder. S. oryzae and S. zeamais starts its attack in field itself.
  • Adults cut circular holes. Heating takes place during heavy infestation, which is known as ‘dry heating’

Identification of the pest

  • Egg - Translucent white, plugs the egg hole with gelatinous secretion, laid singly on grains.
  • Grub - White with yellowish brown head, apodous, fleshy, curved, remains within the grain
  • Pupa - Pupates inside the grain.
  • Adult - Small, reddish brown to chocolate coloured weevils has characteristic snout, and the elytra have four yellow spot


Larva Weevil

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