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Large bandicoot rat

  • The largest and most aggressive rat in India.
  • Large sized active burrower and is responsible for much structural damage to the storage buildings, ground, flooring and also spoils stored products.
  • They are good swimmers and non-fussy eater.
  • It is also serious a pest in poultry and agriculture.


  • Commonly used rodenticides
  • Aluminimum phosphide – a fumigant used to kill rats and mice
  • Bromodiolone, Coumachlor, Coumatetralyl and warfarin – These are anticoagulants which act as rodenticides and they are mainly stomach poisons
  • Sodium cyanide insecticide with respiratory action is also used as rodenticide
  • Zinc phosphide – Inorganic compound, highly toxic, Garlic like odour and taste and commonly used in baits


Large bandicoot rat

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