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Credit Services by SCARDBs

Financing of the long-term credit (5 years and above) for agriculture and its allied activities and also for NFS, Rural Housing, Wastelands development is the main objective of the SCARDBs. Thus, the credit delivery system of SCARDBs may be divided broadly into three sectors. Farm sector, non-farm sector and rural housing sector.

A. Farm sector

Under farm sector the purposes for which the long-term loans are advanced by the SCARDBs are as follows:

i. Minor Irrigation works i.e
(a) Digging/renovation of wells
(b) Installation of pumpsets
(c) Construction of irrigation channels
(d) Pipelines
(e) Sprinkler/drip irrigation system
(f ) Community wells
(g) Lift irrigation system etc

ii. Farm Mechanisation
(a) Tractor/power tillers with accessories
(b) Combined harvesters
(c) Trolleys
(d) Power threshers etc.

iii. Land Development/Land Reclamation including water conservation
iv. Horticulture development (fruit crops, floriculture, mushrooms, vegetables etc)
v. Plantation crops (coconut, cashew, arecanut, rubber, coffee, cardamom, tea, bamboo etc.)
vi. Diversified activities (dairy, poultry, piggery, rabbit, fishery, sheep & goat rearing, gobar gas/bio-gas, farm house, sericulture, rural godowns, bullocks and bullock carts/camel carts, APMC, cold storages/storages etc.)
vii. Wastelands development/afforestation, dry land development.
viii. Payment of old debts
ix. Purchase of land

B) Non-farm Sector

i) Village and cottage industries
ii) Rural artisans
iii) Small-scale industries/agro-processing, food processing units.
iv) Small Road Transport Vehicles (upto 16 tonnes pay load capacity)

C) Rural Housing

i) Construction of new houses upto Rs.5 lakhs
ii) Renovation/repairs of old houses upto Rs. 1 lakh.



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