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The EXIM Bank was set up in January 1982 with the main object of giving a boost to the country’s export promotion drive and to pay for the increased imports. It took over the operations of the International Finance Wing of the IDBI. It acts as the apex agency in coordinating the activities of the other institutions engages in the financing of exports and imports of goods and services.

The Bank is responsible for providing refinancing facilities to the commercial banks and other commitments in the areas of exports and imports. As observed in the Export Import Bank of India Act, 1981: “……the Bank may grant, in or outside India‚ loans and advances by itself or in participation with any bank or financial institution whether in India or outside India‚ for the purpose of export or import and shall also function as the principle institution engaged in financing of the export and import in such manner as it may deem appropriate….”


 Within the framework of the basic aim of the Bank‚ the objectives of the Bank may be summarized as under:

  • Provision of financial‚ technical and administrative assistance in the export – import sectors;
  • planning‚ promotion‚ development and financing of export oriented concerns;
  • undertaking and financing research‚ surveys and techno – economic studies in connection with the promotion and development of foreign trade;
  • collection‚ compilation and dissemination of market and credit information in respect of international trade.


  1. Provision of financial for the export and import of goods and services‚ not only of India but also of third world countries.
  2. provision of financial help for the exports and imports of machinery and equipment on lease basis;
  3. Provision of financial help for facilitating joint ventures in foreign countries.
  4. undertaking of limited merchant banking activities such as underwriting of stocks‚ shares‚ debentures‚ etc of companies engaged in the export – import sectors;
  5. Provision of financial‚ technical and administrative assistance to parties engaged in the export- import sectors.

Broadly‚ the Bank provides two types of assistance‚ viz.,

(i) Funded assistance

(ii) Non-funded assistance



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