Major Activities
Major Activities:: Schemes

Centrally Sponsored

Central Sector  

  1. Livestock Census  

  2. Integrated Sample Survey Scheme for Estimation of Major Livestock Products

  3. Directorate of Animal Health (National Programme for Prevention of Animal Diseases)

  4. Central Cattle Breeding Farms

  5. Central Minikit Testing Programme on Fodder Crops

  6. Central Poultry Development Organisation

  7. Regional Stations For Forage Production & Demonstration

  8. Central Herd Registration Scheme

  9. Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hissar Haryana

  10. Central Fodder Seed Production Farm, Hesserghatta (Bangalore)

  11. Central Frozen Semen Production & Training Institute


Centrally Sponsored

Central Sector

Veterinary Services
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