Seed Village


What is seed village?

A village, wherein trained group of fanners are involved in production 'of seeds of various crops and cater to the needs of themselves, fellow fanners of the village and fanners of neighboring villages in appropriate time and at affordable cost is called "a seed village".


  • Organizing seed production in cluster (or) compact area

  • Replacing existing local varieties with new high yielding varieties.

  • Increasing the seed production

  • To meet the local demand, timely supply and reasonable cost

  • Self sufficiency and self reliance of the village

  • Increasing the seed replacement rate


  • Seed is available at the door steps of farms at an appropriate time

  • Seed availability at affordable cost even lesser than market price                  

  • Increased confidence among the farmers about the quality because of known source of production

  • Producer and consumer are mutually benefited

  • Facilitates fast spread of new cultivars of different kinds

Updated On: Jan, 2016
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