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Gingelly - Flower
Gingelly- Capsule
Land requirement

Land should be free of volunteer plants.

The previous crop should not be the same variety or other varieties of the same crop.

It can be the same variety if it is certified as per the procedures of certification agency


For certified / quality seed production leave a distance of 200 m all around the field from the same and other varieties of the crop.

Land Selection


Apply NPK @ 50:25:25 kg ha-1

Manganese sulphate @ 5 kg ha-1

Basal application of fetilizer are recomended

Foliar application

Spray 1% DAP at the time of first flowering and again 10 days after the first spray

Fertilzer application


Harvest the crop when 75 – 80% of the pods started yellowing and bottom 1 or 2 pods have dehisced.

At this stage, the pod moisture content will be 50 – 60% and seed moisture content will be 25 – 30%

The seeds will be chocolate brown colour.Stack the plants in inverted position and are allowed for 3-4 days of drying


Beat the staked plants with pliable bamboo stick for removal of seeds

Harvesting stage

Seed grading

Grade the seeds with 4/64” (1.6mm) round perforated metal sieve.


Beat the staked plants with pliable bamboo stick for removal of seeds.

Seed treatment

Slurry treat the seeds with carbendazim @ 2g kg-1 along with carbaryl @ 200 mg kg-1 of seed (or) Slurry treat seeds with halogen mixture (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 + arappu  (Albizzia amara) leaf powder mixed in the ratio of 5:4:1) @ 3g kg-1 as eco – friendly treatment

Gingelly - Seed
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